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So you think you know Greece? Think again, there's up to 6000 islands in Greece, depending on your definition, and only 230 of which are inhabited.  The good news is that a yacht charter enables you to visit so many more of these islands than you would have otherwise. Here's a small selection of our favourite seven Greek Islands that you've never heard of... but should have. 

1. Folegandros, Cyclades Islands

Located in the Cyclades Islands of Greece, Folegandros isn't as well known as the nearby Santorini, but it's just as dramatic. Boasting a stunning whitewashed Cycladic village, perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, it also has a safe harbour that visiting yachts can moor in overnight.  Visit Folegandros from our bases at Mykonos or in particular, Paros.

2. Kastellorizo, Dodecanese Islands

You could be forgiven in thinking that Kastellorizo belongs to Turkey, given it's close proximity to the Turkish Coast. It is however a Greek Island, with a stunning picturesque harbour that speaks of its proud ocean-faring past. You can reach Kastellorizo best from our Turkish bases of Fethiye and Gocek.

3. Moni, Saronic Islands

Off the south western coast of Aegina Island, and opposite the small harbour of Perdika (a Seamaster favourite), is Moni Island. There's not too much to it, other than a beautiful bay on the northern coast boasting emerald coloured water, a small beach, and during the main summer season, a beach bar. Visit Moni from our base at Athens for sailing the Saronic Islands. 

4. Amorgos, Cyclades Islands

Amorgos is the easternmost island of the Cyclades Islands. Lonely Planet describes it as "shaped like a seahorse swimming its way east towards the Dodecanese. As you approach by sea, its long ridge of mountains appears to stretch ever skyward". Amorgos is an enchanting island, with a rugged eastern coast and a softer western shoreline that hosts the pretty villages of Katapola and Aegiali. 

5. Monemvasia, Saronic Islands

Known by several names, including the 'Gibraltar of Greece' and the 'Ship of Stone', Monemvasia is located on the eastern Peloponnese coast, accessible when doing a two week sailing holiday from Athens in the Saronic Islands. 

6. Kyria Panagia, Sporades Islands

Largely uninhabited, except for monks from a small monastery on its eastern coast and a few ranging goats, Kyria Panagia is a secluded remote getaway in the Sporades Islands. Kyra Panagia has two natural harbours, Agios Petros and Planitis. The former is the safest of the two and like many harbours on the Greek islands this used to be a shelter for pirates during the Middle Ages. Sail to Kyria Panagia from our base at Skiathos (on request only).

7. Atokos, Ionian Islands

Atokos is located in the Ionian Islands between Ithaka and Kastos. 'One House Bay' on the eastern side and 'Cliff Bay' on the southern coast offer beautiful and peaceful locations for swimming and relaxing. Atokos is curently for sale if you have a spare €44,000,000! Sail here from our base at Lefkas.




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