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Seamaster » Destinations » Sailing in Croatia » Kornati Islands » Kornati Islands 14 Day Itinerary

Kornati Islands 14 Day Itinerary  

Day 1 – Zadar (Mainland)

Zadar along with Split, Rijeka and Dubrovnik make up Croatia’s four main harbours. The city is separated by a two mile wide channel from the islands of Ugljan and Pasman. Thanks to its well sheltered harbour there is a thriving commercial centre as well as a large marina. The city is home to a large choice of restaurants, bars and cafes.

Day 2 – Biograd (Mainland)

Biograd is one of our most popular departure ports in northern Croatia due to its central location and ease of access, but also as it is regarded a holiday resort in its own right. It has a population of just over 6,000 people and is noted for being the former seat of the medieval Croatian Kingdom.

Day 3 – Murter (Murter Island)

With an area of 19 sq km, Murter Island is the largest in the Sibenik archipelago. The ground is hilly and karstic and farmland is scarce but there are olive, fig and almond orchards plus plenty of vineyards. The main village is Murter village in the northwest. North of Murter village are the remains of Roman houses with water cisterns.

Day 4 – Kaprije (Otok Kaprije)

In the central part of the Sibenik island archipelago, Kaprije Island Kaprije Island Kaprije Islandgot its name from the capers that blossom on the island. Only 7 sq km, this tiny, flat island is mainly covered by brush interspersed with olive groves and vineyards. The village of Kaprije lies along a charming bay on the southernmost part of the island.




Day 5 – Zlarin (Otok Zlarin)

Known as the "golden island" for its unspoiled natural beauty, Zlarin is an island of pines, sandy beaches, idyllic coves and one traditional village. Zlarin is most famous for its unique culture based upon harvesting coral and turning it into jewellery and ornaments. The inhabitants of Zlarin have been fishermen and sailors forever, and were the first coral fishermen on the Adriatic.

Day 6 – Primosten (Mainland)

Primosten is a gorgeous town that lies at the very south of the Kornati Islands sailing area. This small settlement is built on an island that has been reclaimed by the mainland by way of a man-made spit. It’s known for its indigenous stone houses, churches, narrow Mediterranean style streets and its production of olive oil and wine.

Day 7 – Otok Gustac

Part of the Kornati national park, this island houses a fantastic restaurant called Darko Striznja which is a personal favourite of ours in the office. You won’t find any shops in the national park so you will need to make sure you have picked provisions up in Primosten. Don’t forget you need a permit to visit the national park.




Day 8 – Otok Katina

Otok Katina is at the northen tip of Otok Kornat and is just outside of the national park. Here you will find another of our favourite restaurants, Mare-Katina. The atmosphere here is fantastic and is something you will struggle to replicate anywhere else in the Mediterranean.

Day 9 – Zut (Otok Zut)

Day 10 – Sali (Dugi Otok)

Sali is in the southern part of Dugi Otok and has the biggest settlement on the island, with 1000 people living there. It’s also closest to the National Park of Kornati. Around the harbour you’ll see houses clustered around which date back as far as the 17th Century and earlier. Alongside these houses there’s a fish processing factory to the south which is a testament to main lively hood of the residents. Try the fantastically fresh fish dishes here, it’s a local delight!



Day 11 – Veli Iz (Otok Iz)

Iz Island lies off the mainland coast of Croatia six miles SW of the port of Zadar and sandwiched between the larger islands of Ugljan and Dugi Otok. Although one of the smaller islands, at just under seven miles long and 1.5 miles wide, it caters well for the visiting yacht, with a small marina at its main harbour of Veli Iz and six other small harbours and anchorages around its shores.

Day 12 – Brbinj (Dugi Otok)

Brbinj is a charming little village surrounded by wooded slopes and at the head of a deep bay. You’ll find a variety of mooring options including a town quay and laid moorings. In the village you’ll find a couple of restaurants and a small grocery shop.

Day 13 – Veli Rat (Dugi Otok)

Meaning “Long Island” in Croatian, the widest point of Dugi Otok at the settlement of Sali is little more than two miles across and at its narrowest opposite the island of Ugljan under a mile. Most of the island’s dramatic west coast is steep and rocky, and the main settlements and anchorages are along its NE side. The marina at Veli Rat should provide everything you need for a visiting yachtsman.

Day 14 – Zadar Town

If you haven’t already had a chance to do so we recommend that you go and explore Zadar old town. The old town lies on a fortified peninsula opposite the main marina and is accessible via a footbridge. Here you will find a 9th century basilica and he Cathedral of St Anastasia. Alternatively you can head into the new town to the restaurants and lively nightlife.


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