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Seamaster » Destinations » Sailing in Turkey » Marmaris » Mamaris 7 Day Itinerary

Marmaris 7 Day Itinerary 

Day 1 – Marmaris

  • Mamaris 7 Day Itinerary

    From Marmaris, follow this wonderful one week yacht charter itinerary through the Carian Cost.

    Depart the lively city of Marmaris on a 7 day holiday into the peaceful and gorgeous Carian coast. 

  • Mamaris 14 Day Itinerary

    Seamaster provides a two week yacht charter itinerary from Marmaris in Turkey.

    This two week itinerary from Marmaris sails east past Dalyan and the Gulf of Fethiye and on toward Kalkan and Kas. 

Marmaris is a holiday destination in its own right with plenty of bars, restaurants, shopping and even some waterparks. There is a large bazaar area near the sea front which is worth exploring if you have the time.  Alternatively you can arrange a jeep safari or a dolphin show if you arrived in Marmaris early or the day before.

Day 2 – Serce Limani

Serce Liman is a well sheltered bay which is difficult to spot due to the high cliffs surrounding it. A small restaurant within the bay will collect you from you yacht if you’d like to eat there. Given the bay has long been used for shelter there are plenty of wrecks dotted around which are worth hunting down.




Day 3 – Sogut

Sogut is one of the most un‐spoilt villages you will find along the coast of Turkey and is a place where some of the old cultures are still practiced today. There is also a uniqueness of an aroma in the air from its locally grown foods. Sea food caught locally is brought to the restaurants and hotels along the bay shoreline.

Day 4 – Selimiye

Once you slip into Selimiye you’ll find an old Turkish village at the head of the bay. There is a choice of restaurants each offering pontoons to stay at. Most of the pontoons have electricity although you will need to pay for it. The village itself was once well populated and the locals grew olives, oranges, lemons and figs.

Day 5 – Dirsek Bay

Dirsek Buku has a very good restaurant located at the head of the bay which is surrounded by palm trees and a beach. You’ll find showers and toilets as well as some fantastic local food.

Day 6 – Loryma

Loryma is the site of an ancient city which was deserted in the 7th century AD. Houses used to stretch up the slopes and an acropolis was built high up the mountain. If you feel energetic it’s still possible to see the remains of stone blocks and pillar bases where the city once stood.





Day 7 – Marmaris

If you didn’t get a change to visit Marmaris on your first evening we would recommend having a look around. We’ve also heard of a fantastic Indian restaurant in case you’ve had your fill of mezes and grilled meats during the week. You’ll also find plenty of bars and the bazaar is worth visiting.


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