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It's that time of year again, deciding where to enjoy an idyllic sailing holiday in the sun. Will it be the gentle waters of the Ionian Sea in Greece, the golden sandy beach laced waters of Sardinia in Italy, or will you cast off into dramatic 'off the beaten track' waters of the Kornati Islands in Croatia? 

Well, here are our picks for 2018!

1. The Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

  • The Dalmatian Islands remain the hottest ticket in Mediterranean sailing.  It offers a heady contrast of lively, exciting harbours, imposing fortress towns, restaurants, bars and conversely - small bays, hidden coves, quiet moorings and traditional Croatian restaurants. Dubrovnik is becoming more popular as the Split area becomes busier,  with a much more relaxed itinerary available. 

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2. Sardinia, Italy

  • Sardinia is our most popular Italian sailing destination, and justifiably so.  Sardinia has a wonderful mix of lively and cosmopolitan 'mainland' destinations and quieter national park anchorages that both enjoy some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. To top it all off, a one week itinerary will also include visiting the wonderful island of Corsica. Bellissimo!

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3. The Ionian Islands, Greece

  • An old favourite, or perhaps THE old favourite. The Ionian is a gorgeous, idyllic and gentle sailing area that British sailors have made their second home for decades now. Stretching from Corfu to Zakynthos, the Ionian is characterised by light winds, short sailing legs, small villages,  quayside tavernas and a relaxed disposition.

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4. The Kornati Islands, Croatia

  • Many clients have visited the Kornati Islands to escape the crowds in the Dalmatian Islands, and then wondered why they didn't go there first! It's an incredible place, and consistently receives the best client feedback of any Mediterranean destination. You’ll find stunning bays and coves to enjoy quiet nights at anchor, isolated restaurants serving some of the best food in the Mediterranean and even a few lively mainland stops to let your hair down! 

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5. Fethiye & Gocek, Turkey

  • Out of favour for the past few years, Turkey is making a huge comeback this year. With clients who have visited Turkey recently only ever reporting positive feedback, it's no surprise. Drawn by the wonderful culture, beautiful scenary, idyllic bays and relative cheap sailing on offer, it's great to see Turkey returning to the fold.

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