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Picture lively cosmopolitan towns interspersed with quiet harbours, beautiful Venetian architecture, perfectly clear water, gentle sailing winds and more islands than you could visit in a year. Could Croatia be the perfect sailing destination? Quite possibly. Yes, it's that good.

  • Sailing the Dalmatian Islands

    Dalmatian Islands

    Stretching from Split to Dubrovnik expect a heady mix of excellent balanced sailing conditions, lively cosmopolitan islands, quiet bays and old world fortress towns. A perfect cross-section of Croatia.

  • Sailing the Kornati Islands

    Kornati Islands

    The Kornatis are breath taking in their natural beauty. A lovely collection of quiet islands hosting isolated single tavernas, two stunning national parks, and wonderful sailing conditions.

A Snapshot of Sailing in Croatia

Croatia has exploded onto the European and world travel stage in recent years, with visitor numbers booming. Foremost amongst those 'discovering' Croatia is the nautical community, as word spreads about the world-class sailing experience on offer. 

For ease of reference, we separate Croatia into two general sailing areas - The Dalmatian Islands and the Kornati Islands. From Split, which has the main airport on the Croatian coast, the Kornatis are north and the Dalmatians are south. Each offers a very distinct yacht charter experience, so it is important to understand the characteristics of each before booking a charter to Croatia. 

  • Dalmatian Islands

    The southerly Dalmatian Islands, accessed from Split and Dubrovnik, offer a more cosmopolitan experience, with larger islands supporting larger villages and towns. It's not all party time though, there are still plenty of quiet bays, smaller villages and destinations well 'off the beaten track'. 

  • Kornati Islands

    The northerly Kornati Islands, in general, is a quieter and more intrepid sailing experience, with hundreds of small uninhabited islands interspersed with single traverna bays,   and an area awarded national park status purely by virtue of its outstanding natural beauty. 

Where to sail in Croatia? Bottom line is, if you want a bit of nightlife, head south to the Dalmatian Islands. If you crave peace and tranquility, head north to the Kornati Islands.


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