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It is very straightforward, we promise. Follow these easy steps to selecting a yacht, and please don't hesitate to call us with any questions - 020 8013 4654.

Where to start choosing your yacht...

The first rule of thumb is to think of a yacht just as you would with a villa holiday, only this 'villa' moves! All yachts have double bedrooms, toilets (bathrooms), a lounge, kitchen and a shaded outdoor area, just like a house. Consider the yachts as you would a villa then, thinking about the number of people in your group and the number of 'bedrooms' (cabins) you will require. Once you know the required number of cabins the rest should begin to fall in to place. Don't hesitate to call us either!

1. Get the basicis together

Date you wish to holiday

Where you wish to holiday

How many people are travelling

If you haven't made these decisions yet, just use any details in order to get started. Once you have this information, you can now get started on selecting a yacht by moving on to step 2 below:

2. Use our Sailing Holiday Search tool for an 'all-in price'

The search tool at the top of the page should be intuitive to use. You will need to select a preferred destination, a date and the number of people in your party in order to get a price. If you're in doubt about any of the details, just plug anything in, at least it will get you started. Please remember to tick the 'Skipper Required' tick box so the price of a skipper is added to your holiday.

3. Select how many cabins (bedrooms) you require

Once you have results in front of you, it's into the actual selection of a yacht. The number of cabins is the most important question to ask yourself, as everything else should fall into place from here. Each yacht has a number of bedrooms, from two to six, that have a double or twin bed arrangement that comfortably fit two adults.  The equation is therefore simple, if you have six in your group you need at least a three bedroom yacht. If you have 10 people then you need at least a five bedroom yacht. Simples. 

Please note: You need an extra cabin for your skipper. Therefore six of you will require three cabins for yourselves, and then a fourth cabin for your skipper.

4. Select the number of bathrooms (toilets) you would prefer

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This is a comfort factor. Generally the bigger the boat the more toilets and bathrooms it will have, but yachts of the same length may have a slightly different number of bathrooms depending on their internal configuation. This is clearly stated on each of the yacht profiles.

Groups with couples may require more bathrooms than a single family group for example. The number  of toilets should also be factored into the decision process below.

5. Price vs. Yacht length vs. Yacht Age

Seamaster Yachting recommends always selecting the newest yacht you can afford.

The final step before selecting a yacht is of course the price, however there are two further factors that should always be considered in conjunction with the price - the age of the yacht and how big the yacht is. These factors are inter-related and dictate final value and your most appropriate yacht - the cheapest is not neccessarily the best, nor is the most expensive! For example, a larger old boat may be the same price as a new smaller boat, or two boats of the same size may be different prices because of their respective ages.

Yacht Age

Just like a car, the older a yacht gets the cheaper it will become. This is due to wear and tear on the yacht, including sun bleaching, fittings becoming worn and things not being as new and modern as they once were. All yachts will be in proper working order with everything working as they should, though please bear in mind that the older the yacht gets the higher the possibilty of breakages. Therefore you will find that all things being equal, an older boat will be cheaper than a newer boat.

We have three general categories of yacht age, Economy, Class and Modern.  Modern yachts are a maximum of three years old, Class line yachts are a maximum of five years old, and economy yachts are six years old or older. Use these categories to quickly filter away yachts in our search results and then view the individual yacht profiles for specific ages.

Yacht Length

Yacht length is important as it dictates the space you will have in all aspects of the boat, from the bedrooms, bathrooms, the lounge, to the area upstairs in the sun. All other things being equal, the larger (longer) a yacht, the more space and the more expensive it will be. You can have a three bedroom yacht that is 33 feet long, or a three cabin yacht that is 54 feet long. That is a huge difference!

As a quick reference, within each yacht model name there is a number which represents the approximate length of the yacht in feet. For example, a Bavaria 36 Cruiser is approximately 36 feet long.  An Oceanis 423 is 42.3 feet long. A First 36.7 is... 36.7 feet long and so on!

Generally speaking, the bigger the boat the better as it will have more space. Where it becomes a little more tricky is where you have a bigger, but older,  yacht for the same price as a smaller newer boat. In this situation it does depend on specifics, but we would go for the bigger boat as long as it's not too old. You can see it is a subjective!

6. Book

Once you select your preferred yacht you can book either yacht only or you can have us do it all for you: flights, transfers, yacht and skipper, if required. To confirm, you can book online or give us a call. The deposit required is 30% of the yacht price, plus all of the flight costs. Please do not hesitate to call us at any time for advice or to book.

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