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The Ionian is a gorgeous, idyllic and gentle sailing area that British sailors have made their second home for decades now. Stretching from Corfu to Zakynthos, the Ionian is characterised by light winds, short sailing legs, small villages,  quayside tavernas and a relaxed disposition.

The Ionian island are located on the western side of Greece and as the traditional name of ‘Heptanese’ suggests, they consist of seven primary islands: Corfu, Paxos, Lefkas, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Zakynthos and Cythera (though this last island is an outlier and not included in an Ionian itinerary). The group also includes many smaller islands, most of which offer secluded bays, a traditional taverna or two, clear waters and true Greek experience.

Ionian Yacht Charter Deals

The Ionian is generally offered as two parts, the north and the south Ionian. Both areas have their own airport and primary base, though on a two week yacht charter you can do the 'whole' Ionian, which is a lovely holiday.

South Ionian – Lefkas Base

The southern Ionian is the more popular and busier of the two areas, consisting of a selection of small islands bounded by the Greek mainland to the east and north and the Lefkas and Kefalonia Islands to the West.  Our base is located in Lefkas town, 40 minutes from Preveza airport.

Combined with generally gentle winds and no tides, this area holds very few demons for inexperienced sailors, families and those on a sailing holiday who perhaps see ‘sailing’ as secondary to the ‘holiday’. While you can choose to indulge in longer sailing legs if you wish of course, the south does tend to encourage short sailing legs, perhaps leaving you more time for the tavernas or beaches!

North Ionian – Corfu Base

The north is dominated by Corfu, a perennial favourite holiday island for western tourists, and the Greek mainland, which provides many lovely villages to discover. Holding a very fond place in many visitors hearts is the wonderful Paxos and her smaller sister island, Antipaxos. Picturesque and hospitable, these islands are a real highlight of every sailors visit to the north Ionian.

The northern Ionian, as with its southern counterpart, is non-tidal and also offers lighter sailing winds, though does benefit from slightly longer sailing legs so you can enjoy the sails being up and the wind in your hair.

Gouvia Marina, our base in this area, is located just 10 minutes from Corfu airport and has a smattering of bars, tavernas and hotels if you wish to prolong your holiday. With lots of flights, a base with close proximity to the airport and lots of sailing to be had in a compact area, the northern Ionian won't let you down. 

Wind and Weather in the Ionian (click here)

Greece enjoys a long season, with May and October temperatures in the mid 20s

July and August sees temperatures in the mid 30s, while June and September experience temps in the late 20s

Generally very light winds, Force 1-3. 

The Ionian at a glance

Light winds, short hop sailing and flat seas

The most popular sailing area in Greece for Brits, primarily due to  flotilla sailing

Formed of the north and south Ionian, each has its own airport and respective bases on Corfu and Lefkas Islands

ionian island itineraries


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