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Four Simple Tips to Ensure You Get the Best Last Minute Yacht Charter Deal

The hectic ‘last minute’ time of year is now firmly in swing, with a huge number of requests for yachts departing in the next two months. There are great deals to be had, with discounts of up to 40% on offer. Here are four top tips for bagging the best deal.

1. Ask us about yachts ‘on hold’ – they are hidden gems!

We have dates where up to 75% of our unsold yachts are on hold to other clients, so you need ask to uncover them. 

Yachts on hold are removed from our online availability, so you won’t see them when doing an availability search. Inevitably, the yachts being held for clients are those representing the best deals to be had as well! Options typically only last for two days, so there's a high turnover, and we can place a second option on them or even remove the option if the client is no longer interested. 

                          Call us now on 0208 004 3003 to enquire about prices and availability!

                                                                                   or Make an Enquiry here

2. Be flexible on destination

It's fairly simple stuff, but we may have a yacht in Greece that is cheaper than one in Italy, for example. Our bookings to various destinations ebb and flow, so demand for a particular area may be less than another on a particular date meaning there are deals to be had. By keeping flexible, and asking for the best deals across destinations, will only increase your chances of bagging a bargain.

For example, on the 19th of August we have vailable for a week:

3. Be flexible on dates

Again, one the best approaches to saving on your last minute sailing holiday is the most simple. Be flexible on dates. Considering more than one date effectively doubles the availability of yachts, which can only be a good thing when searching for a bargain. Not only that, but both yacht and flight prices can change week to week, so the exact same yacht can be cheaper on one week and not another. Consider these prices for the exact same yacht in August:

4. Be flexible on flights

Booking flights late can add an extraordinary sum to the cost, sometimes more than every other part of your holiday combined. We recommend that you stay flexible, as a 90 minute drive to/from an airport may end up saving you hundreds.  For example, we did a search for Split, Croatia flights in September and the difference between London and Bristol flights were over £100pp.

A more marked difference however may be flying to another overseas airport other than the one cloest to your yacht. As an exmaple, we did a search from Bristol to Croatia and found fares to Split and Zadar airports that were almost £200pp different!

Ask us about ways to save money on your next sailing holiday.

Finally.... Check out our last minute deals by country now:

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