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Seamaster Yachting offers a simple partnership program where sailing schools and instructors can earn cash from referring clients to us for charters in the Mediterranean. No admin required. How cool is that.

Call us now to discuss on 020 8013 4654.

How does it work?

It's simple. All that needs to be done is that you tell your clients, past and present, about Seamaster Yachting. When they book a yacht charter with us, we'll send you a £100 cheque (ok, maybe a bank transfer). 

There's no admin

You do not need to do any of the admin. You do not have to arrange anyone or anything. It's pure bottom line. Other than actually telling your clients about Seamaster, there's nothing that needs to be done. Even that part is easy - we can assist you with all the marketing materials you need, including writing the emails, liaising with your web masters, giving you photographs and well written web content.

How do we track your sales?

This is a cool bit. We have developed gift vouchers for you to distribute to your clients that have a dual purpose. Firstly, it's a fantastic thing for you to give your clients as it has a tangible gift or reward. You can use it as a reason to contact your previous clients, as well as giving them to clients that have just passed a course.
The second reason for the gift voucher is that it acts as a tool for tracking your client. When a client books with us using a voucher from you it will automatically trigger your cheque in the post. Easy.

How much do you earn?

You will earn £100 per booking made with us, no matter how small the booking is.  We have looked at providing commissions, but that's awkward, confusing, difficult to manage and it requires administration on your behalf. We believe giving you a nice round number is a quick and easy way top be rewarded.

Get in Touch

If you want to get in touch to discuss this partnership, please email us at or call on 020 8127 1140. We look forward to putting the cheques in the mail!

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