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The most balanced of any sailing ground in Greece, the Saronics offer a fantastic mix of diverse islands, character harbours, archaeological treasures, gentle winds, short-hop sailing and quayside bars and tavernas. Historical Athens provides the perfect launching pad into this diverse and rewarding area.

By strict definition, the Saronic Islands include just four islands: Salamis, Aegina, Poros and Angistri. However, for the purpose of our sailing holidays, we include the islands of Hydra, Dokos and Spetses in the mix - collectively the 'Argosaronic Islands'. Whatever you do though, don’t forget the lovely mainland harbours as well, including Epidavros, Ermioni, Vathi and a host of lovely villages stretching down the long Peloponnese peninsula ‘finger’ from Nafplion, the former capital. There's a lot of places to take in, we know, but it illustrates the sheer number of lovely villages, islands and towns to visit.

Saronic Islands Yacht Charter Deals

Many start with a false impression that due to the close proximity to Athens that this area will be ‘packed to the gunwales’. Fortunately, as there is just the one main marina in Athens serving both the large Saronic and Cyclades Islands, the reality is much better. Sure, it gets as busy as other destinations in peak season, but it may surprise you to know that for a two week sailing holiday, this is arguably the 'least busy' destination in the Mediterranean.

The further you sail from Athens the quieter it gets. As most people only do a one-week holiday, beyond this radius is appreciably quieter and more serene.

Wind and Weather in the Saronics (click here) 

The weather in Greece from May to October is for the most part hot and dry. Early and late season, so May and October, you'll experience temperatures between 22-25 degress, while during the peak months of July and August, the thermometer hits the mid-30s.  Don't forget your sunscreen and sunblock!

The winds in the Saronics are generally excellent for sailing throughout the summer.  Winds blow from the north east, but then change direction when further south, and blow south east up the Argolic Gulf toward Nafplion. Close in to land the winds stay very manageable, Force 3 (light winds), while you can go further out to find winds in the Force 5 (fresh winds) region.  

Saronic Islands Itineraries

  • Saronic 7 Day Itinerary - 1

    Saronic Islands and Greece seven day sailing itinerary.

    Sailing from Athens, this itinerary involves 'short hop' sailing, keeping it  nice and relaxed without long legs.

  • Saronic 7 Day Itinerary - 2

    Itinerary for sailing the Saronic Islands, including Spetses, Hydra and Dokos in Greece.

    From Athens, you sail this itinerary to explore a little further south to the islands of Hydra and Spetses.

  • Saronic 14 Day Itinerary

    Two week yacht charter itinerary for the Saronic Islands and Argolic Gulf

    This two week Saronic itinerary stretches through the Saronics and into the Argolic Gulf as far as Nafplion, the former capital. 

Sailing the Saronic Islands at a Glance

A few of our current yacht charter deals (as at 28th February 2018):


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