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Seamaster Yachting is proud to have hosted thousands of British and English speaking clients from around the world over the years, and given them the perfect Greek sailing experience. Think sailing on your own private yacht with a friendly Seamaster skipper from island to island and bay to bay; reading, swimming, eating, sightseeing, snorkelling, and even getting behind the wheel if you fancy a go!

Where to Sail in Greece with a Skipper

There are five separate sailing aras in Greece, but we have found over the years that two of them - the Ionian Islands and the Saronic Islands - are the most popular and best suited to those without a great deal of sailing experience. The other three areas - the Cyclades Islands, Dodecanese Islands and Sporades Islands - tend to be too windy or challenging for the average skippered charter. The exception to this is if you are looking to sail late or early in the May - October summer season, when winds tend to be lighter.

  • Saronic Islands

    Sailing from Athens, the Saronic Islands is the most balanced area in Greece, with a perfect mix of good wind, quiet bays, lively islands, friendly tavernas and great value. Perfect destination to combine with a land based holiday.

  • Sailing with a skipper in the Ionian Islands

    Ionian Islands

    The 'easiest' and probably most popular area in Greece in terms of sheer numbers. Sail from either Corfu in the north or Lefkas in the south; think short sailing legs, light winds and quayside tavernas.

Brass Tacks - How much does it Cost?

Our availability and pricing search box at the top of the page is live, and so provides actual prices for your proposed sailing holiday. Simply select an area, a date, the number of people in your group, click 'Skippered Required' and then search. The prices you get back will be for the yacht including skipper based on those criteria (if you select flights, it will be a price per person including flights, transfers, the yacht and skipper). Please don't hesitate to call us on 020 8013 4654 - we're Greece skippered charter experts and love to help.

Sailing Greece with a Skipper - The Basics

We try not to overcomplicate things when it comes to skippered sailing holidays. Long story short, turn up to the marina (we'll even help you get there) and for a week or two you'll stay in your very own 'floating villa' (with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, etc) all the time with the guidance of a Seamaster skipper who will help form your itinerary and recommend places to eat, swim and relax. Simple.

Our Seamaster Skippers in Greece

We are extremely proud of our fantastic skippers in Greece. Unlike many companies, we have our own skippers in Greece that work for Seamaster Yachting. We have worked with many of our skippers for many years; we know them, they know us, and they know what our clients want from their holiday.

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