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We want the cost of your next sailing holiday to be as transparent as possible. In addition to the cost of the yacht, flights and transfers there are a few compulsory extras that you'll incur (fuel for the yacht, for example, which is treated the same as with a hire car), also a few optional extras such as stand-up paddle boars, WiFi, and mooring fees.

Seamaster Yachting offers both package holidays and yacht only prices via our holiday search tool to the right.   We offer our clients the choice between:

Yacht only

Yacht + flights + transfers

Yacht + flights + transfers + skipper


The only way to get an accurate price is to use our holiday search tool to the right. Yacht prices change from week to week and flight costs can change day to day.  

In general, prices do tend to be more expensive in the peak months of July and August, with June and September being a bit cheaper, and May and October lower still.   

Costs on holiday

Please be aware that there are a few extras that you are required to pay down 'on-location'. All extras are listed on the booking summary page when you go through the booking process. These include the compulsory extras:

Fuel for the yacht. You only pay for what you use, but it ranges from €100-€250pw depending on the size of your yacht

Final cleaning of the yacht

Your own food and drink

Food and drink for your skipper

Mooring fees

There are usually some optional extras as well, none of which are neccessary:

An outboard engine - this is the small engine that goes on the back of your dinghy

Towels and linen - in some rare occasions these are extra. If they are extra, it will be stated.

Safety net - this is a safety net that goes around the yacht to prevent small children falling in

Gennaker - this is a large extra sail used for going fast! Usually it is not required. 


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