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For live availability, pricing and yacht characteristics, please always use our 'Check availability' button above, which conducts real-time searches and returns actual yachts and prices. 

If in doubt about the specifics of your holiday, just experiment with dates and locations, this will get you started.

Our Yacht Ages

In our initial search results, we group yachts into three classes that indicate their age, which you can use to filter your initial results:

Modern Line Yachts 0-3 years old
Our 'Modern yachts' are those boats that are brand new and up to three years old. We would expect them to be in perfect to near perfect condition, with contemporary styling and all modern fittings, bells and whistles!

Class Line Yachts 4-5 years old
Class line yachts are either four or five years old. We still expect these yachts to be in excellent condition, though obviously a bit more used than the modern line yachts. For this reason, class line yachts are typically cheaper than their newer equivalents.

Economy Line Yachts 5+ years old
Economy yachts are those boats older than five years old. Please be aware that there are no 'free lunches' with yacht charters - a cheaper yacht will generally mean it is older and/or of poorer quality than other yachts. Please do not hesitate to ask Seamaster for our opinion on the relative quality of the yachts you are considering.  


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