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A Seamaster skippered yacht charter is where a family, group or couple hire a yacht that is sailed for them by one of our friendly professional sailors.  You are not required to have any experience at all! You can however 'muck in' as much or as little as you like - kids (and 'big kids') love to get behind the wheel - and they are more than welcome to give it a go. Or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride... 

An introduction to  Skippered Yacht Charters

Skippered sailing holidays are typically more about the 'holiday' than the 'sailing', with average sailing legs around three hours. When you're not sailing, you're swimming, eating local cuisine, sunbathing, snorkelling, hiring scooters, relaxing in a hammock, jumping into the sea, going out for dinner, having a sunset drink,  fishing, heading to a nightclub, playing cards, eating breakfast... You get the idea! 

As a taster, have a look at the video below sent in by one of our fantastic clients... 

Brass Tacks - How much does it Cost?

Our availability and pricing search box at the top of the page is live, and so provides actual prices for your proposed sailing holiday. Simply select an area, a date, the number of people in your group, click 'Skippered Required' and then search. The prices you get back will be for the yacht including skipper based on those criteria (if you select flights, it will be a price per person including flights, transfers, the yacht and skipper). Please don't hesitate to call us on 020 8004 3003 - we're experts on skippered charters and love to help.

Not sure where you want to go or what boat is right for you? No worries, here's a helping hand:

"There’s a sense of liberty on a yacht that you just can’t get any other way on this kind of coastline. And while the skipper does all the hard work, clearly loving every minute of it — whipping sails and ropes into shape while throwing capoeira-type shapes in bare feet on the deck — you get to do nothing but watch the world go by. It’s all one, giant, super-playful Boy’s Own adventure. With your own yacht, the whole coastline becomes one big beach."

(Mark O'Flaherty, National Geographic Traveller Magazine, who sailed with Seamaster Yachting in 2014). Full article here.

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