South Ionian 14 Day Itinerary

South Ionian 14 Day Itinerary 

Lefkas Town (Lefkas Island)

Lefkada is a very pleasant, friendly, typical Greek town. It is an ideal place to start a sailing holiday due to its proximity to the airport, the number of markets to provision your yacht and a selection of good bars and restaurants. If its utter peace and quiet that you’re after then Lefkas may not be the place for you, but it provides a good contrast to the small villages dotted around the rest of the Ionian. 

  •  Day 1 - Nikiana (Lefkas Island)

    If you're lucky enough to get away on the first day then Nikiana offers a charming over night stop. It's a small fishing harbour with a few tavernas nearby. We would recommend getting your provisions in lefkas before leaving.  

  • Day 2 - Palairos (Mainland)

    Palairos is a small habour on the mainland of Greece, just to the north of Vounaki. The harbour provides berthing for around 12-15 yachts along its breakwater. The beach close by is a popular resort with plenty of tavernas and cafes. Palairos has all the amenities you need and is a great stop if you're looking to relax on a beach for a few hours. 
  •  Day 3 - Spartochori (Meganisi Island)

    Spartachori is a lovely village located on a cliff above Port Spilia on Meganisi Island. It’s well worth the hike up to the village, which retains its old world charm. A couple of tavernas have their own quays and pontoons with lazy lines, look out for them. The SE part of Port Spilia has a small shingle beach and beach café where younger members of a yacht crew can while away the hours. 

Day 4 - Sivota (Lefkas Island)

Sivota is a gem. Located on the South East of Lefkas Island (and not to be confused with Sivota Mourtos in the north Ionian), this picturesque harbour has a range of tavernas and bars circling a long concrete quay. Difficult to spot from the sea, Sivota opens up into a well sheltered harbour. It’s best to visit mid-week when the pesky flotillas are congregating elsewhere. 

  • Day 5 - Vasiliki (Lefkas Island)

    Situated in the South West of Lefkas Island, Vassiliki is well-known as a windsurfing mecca, with many rating it as one of Europe’s best. This is due to the northwesterly wind (known as ‘Eric’) that blows each afternoon across an otherwise flat bay. The village of Vassiliki itself is on the Eastern side of Vassiliki Bay, where you’ll find a small fishing and yacht harbour, which lies immediately NE of the much larger commercial harbour. It’s best to moor either ‘stern-to’ or ‘bows-to’ on the inner harbour wall.

    Day 6 - Frikes (Ithaca Island)

    The small harbour of Frikes lies on the NE coast of Ithaca Island. It is a pretty, charming and largely unspoilt village, and is a good place for an overnight stop in settled weather. There are three tavernas, a minimart, and each morning a fruit and vege van visits the village to sell its wares. With the afternoon sea breezes, there can be strong gusts down the valley behind Frikes, which can make mooring a challenge. Despite the extra effort required to secure your yacht, Frikes remains a lovely relaxing village to visit.

Day 7 - Fiskardo (Kefalonia Island)

Tiny, precious Fiskardo, on the North East coast of Kefalonia Island, was the only Kefallonian village left largely intact after the 1953 earthquake. Its fine Venetian buildings, framed by cypress-mantled hills, have an authentic picturesque appeal and it’s popular with sailors. The outstanding restaurants and chilled-out feel might entice you to stay longer than just a single night.

  • Day 8 - Ayia Euphemia (Kefalonia Island)

    Ayia Euphemia (saint well-spoken of) lies on the East coast of the island of Kefalonia, 10 miles South of the harbour of Fiskardo. Considerable investment has been made in refurbishing the quay here, including installing water and electricity points all the way along. Ashore there is an excellent bakery, several provisions stores, and restaurants. 

Day 9 - Sami (Kefalonia Island)

The port of Sami lies on the E coast of the island of Kefalonia in Greece, 13 miles SSE of Fiskardo and just over four miles SE of Ayia Eufimia. Sami is the main ferry port on the E coast of the island and has a sheltered harbour protected by breakwaters with berths for around 30-35 visiting yachts. The west quay is where most yachts usually berth as it has the greatest number of space.  From here it is possible to visit the Cave of Melissani, an underground lake fed by a subterranean stream which flows all the way across the island from Argostoli. The cave is two kms NW of Sami along the road to Ayia Eufimia. It is best to visit around midday, when the sun streams down through the roof and turns the water below the colour of turquoise. Boatmen row visitors around the cave. 

Day 10 - Kioni (Ithaca Island)

South of Frikes on the North East coast of Ithaca is Kioni, one of the most attractive villages in the Ionian. Tucked into a wooded cleft at the foot of a deep valley and partially protected from E by a rocky promontory lined with ruined windmills, it’s surrounded by pine, olive and cypress trees. There is a pleasant walk along the road to the S of the inlet out to the ruined windmills, and a swimming ladder has been installed at the root of the breakwater, which makes this a convenient spot for cooling off in the summer.

  • Day 11 - Kastos (Kastos Island)

    The small Greek island of Kastós lies 10 miles SE of the island of Lefkas. There is just one settlement, on the SE side of the island, which has a small harbour offering good shelter from most directions. The harbour has space for around 12-15 yachts only and is often full by midafsami ternoon in high season. Apart from yachtsmen, the village has few other visitors. Probably the primary attraction of Kastos is the beaches down its eastern side, which are perfect for anchoring, swimming and lunching. There is else little to do in Kastos except chill out. 

  • Day 12 - Kalamos (Kalamos Island)

    The main settlement of Kalamos town is on the E side of the island, just over half way from its southernmost tip, and offers good shelter in winds from most directions. The harbour has space for around 30 yachts moored stern/bows-to on its long E breakwater and W quay. The village to the W is pleasant rather than picturesque and has a modest amount of tourism, mostly from local Greeks. 

Day 13 - Nidri (Lefkas Island)

Lefkada’s east coast has seen heavy tourist development over the years with the main focus at Nidri, once a gorgeously placed fishing village but now a crowded strip of tourist shops without much of a beach. There is however plenty of shops, tavernas, bakeries and a fuel station, which can be handy in order to restock.

Day 14 - Lefkas Town (Lefkas Island)

Just as it was a great place to start, Lefkas town is also a great place to finish. There are plenty of bars and restaurants we recommend you check out. Our information packs have lots of recommendations about the best places to eat, drink and explore.