Whole Ionian 14 Day Sailing Itinerary 

Lefkas Town (Lefkas Island)

Lefkas is a very pleasant and friendly, typically Greek town. It is an ideal place to start a sailing holiday due to its proximity to the airport, there are number of markets to provision your yacht and a selection of good bars and restaurants. If it's utter peace and quiet that you’re after then Lefkas may not be the place for you, but it provides a good contrast to the small villages dotted around the rest of the Ionian. 

Day 1 - Vathi (Meganisi Island)

Just off the southeast coast of Lefkas Island, you’ll find the town of Vathi nestled snugly in a deep bay on the Island of Meganissi. The Island’s name, perhaps counter intuitively, means large Island. While it only measures around 20 Square Kilometres,the island has an enticing lacework-like coastline, with many deep and long, fjord-like inlets especially its northern shores and on its rocky and rugged west coast. A network of dirt tracks and walking paths make most of the beaches walkable from the main ports although many of them are small, isolated and without any tourist facilities.

Day 2 - Kastos (Kastos Island)

The small Greek island of Kastos lies 10 miles Southeast of the island of Lefkas. There is just one settlement, on the Southeast side of the island, which has a small harbour offering good shelter from most directions. The harbour has space for around 12-15 yachts. Apart from yachtsmen, the village has few other visitors. The primary attraction of Kastos is the beaches down its eastern side, which are perfect for anchoring, swimming and lunching. There is little else to do in Kastos except chill out under the Greek sun with a drink in hand.

  • Day 3 - Sivota (Lefkas Island)

    Sivota is a gem. Located on the South East of Lefkas Island (and not to be confused with Sivota Mourtos in the north Ionian), this picturesque harbour has a range of tavernas and bars circling a long concrete quay. Difficult to spot from the sea, Sivota opens up into a well-sheltered harbour. It’s best to visit mid-week when the pesky flotillas are congregating elsewhere.
  • Day 4 - Vathi (Ithaca Island)

    Vathy or Port Vathi is the wonderful main harbour of the island of Ithaca in the Ionian Sea of Greece and lies at the head of a long inlet on the East coast, four miles South of Kioni and five miles South of Frikes. The Old Town retains its authentic Greek feel and is lovely to wander, building up a thirst to quench in some of the local tavernas and cafes.

Day 5 - Poros (Kefalonia Island)

A quite settlement located on the south east coast of Kefalonia, Poros is an ideal choice for visitors who seek to find something more genuinely Greek, tranquil and pure. The town is situated around the only natural crossing point of the Vohinas river and the combination of dense and verdant 

  • Day 6 - Ayia Euphemia (Kefalonia Island)

    Ayia Euphemia (Saint well-spoken of) lies on the East coast of the island of Kefalonia, 10 miles South of the harbour of Fiskardo. Considerable investment has been made refurbishing the quay here, including installing water and electricity points all the way along. Ashore there is an excellent bakery, several provision stores and plenty of restaurants.
  • Day 7 - Fiskardo (Kefalonia Island)

    Tiny, precious Fiskardo, on the North East coast of Kefalonia Island, was the only Kefallonian village left largely intact after the 1953 earthquake. Fiskardo with its fine Venetian buildings, framed by cypress-mantled hills which have an authentic picturesque appeal, is popular with sailors. The outstanding restaurants and chilled-out feel might entice you to stay longer than just a single night.

Day 8 - Gaios (Paxos Island)

Gaios, the island’s main town, hardly needs to try for the ‘picturesque’ label. Pink, cream and whitewashed buildings line the edge of an emerald bay on either side of the Venetian square. The village is protected by the wooded islet of Agios Nikolaos, named after its monastery. Gaios has the liveliest nightlife on the island, and cafes and tavernas line the waterfront. The town’s picturesque setting and unique geography have made it deservedly popular and during the season it is full of day trippers from Corfu and the mainland and busy with yachtsmen of all nationalities, especially Italians.

Day 9 - Sivota Mourtos (Mainland)

Sivota Mourtos is a small village and fishing harbour located on the mainland of Greece opposite the southern part of Corfu, six miles south of Igoumenitsa and three miles south of Plataria. In recent years it has become a bustling tourist town with the small harbour now used as much by yachts as fishing boats, while the quay has a mass of tourist restaurants and bars.

Day 10 - Corfu Town (Corfu)

Corfu Town, capital of the island of Corfu, is the largest port in the Greek Ionian and a major transport hub for ferries across the Adriatic to Italy and to the Greek mainland at Igoumenitsa. Out of the three choices of berthing location we'd recommend the yacht club located on the north side of the castle. Mooring is via lazy lines. Once moored you can walk up through the castle grounds and out into the centre of Corfu Town.

Day 11 - Kassiopi (Corfu)

Kassiopi is a lively resort at the North East corner of Corfu. A charming little fishing village, with a traditional port. Tourism has of course had its influence, but you can still find local fishermen bringing home the morning catch down at the harbour. The harbour is constructed in a natural cove protected on its W side from the prevailing winds by the peninsula of Ak Kassiopi, on which there sits an imposing Byzantine/Venetian castle.

Day 12 - Sayiadha (Mainland)

A small and very ‘Greek’ harbour, Sayiadha is located on the mainland near the Albanian border, in fact it was once closed to the public for this very reason! Today it is a lovely relaxed place to visit and top up on water and sample the prawns on offer from Alekos Taverna, reported to be the best in the Ionian!

Day 13 - Parga (Mainland)

Parga is a very popular and busy tourist resort lying 15 miles south east of Igoumenitsa and 25 miles north west of Preveza. The town is dominated by an imposing Venetian castle crowning the peninsula around which it sits, which is a useful landmark on arrival. For the visiting yachtsman, the only realistic berthing option is to anchor on the north west side of the long beach to the west of the town, Ormos Valtou, where shelter is reasonably good from the prevailing north westerly winds.

Day 14 - Lefkas Town (Lefkas) 

Just as it was a great place to start, Lefkas Town is also a great place to finish. There are plenty of bars and restaurants we recommend you check out. Our information packs have lots of recommendations about the best places to eat, drink and explore.