Lavrion to Mykonos - 7 Day Sailing Itinerary

Day 1 - Lavrion (Mainland)

Lavrion is situated at the bottom of the Attica Peninsula, 20 minutes south east of Athens airport. Lavrion offers a convenient location to explore the northern Cyclades Islands including Mykonos, Paros, Naxos and Kythnos. Lavrion itself is home to the oldest and biggest amphitheatre in the country. You will also find the remnants of old silver mines which date back to prehistoric times. 

Day 2 - Merichas (Kythnos Island)

Merichas is situated on the west coast of Kythnos island and is a small seaside village. Thankfully it has kept its traditional appearance throughout the years. The village itself only has a few permanent residents, but the village gets much more lively during peak season. You'll find plenty of tavernas offering fresh fish with tables right next to the water.

Day 3 - Ermoupoli (Syros Island)

Ermoupolis is the capital of Syros island as well as the whole of the Cyclades. The town was founded in 1821 by people from various parts of Greece who were fleeing from the massacres organised by the Turkish. The town itself has a beautiful selection of neoclassical architecture with old mansions, marble paved streets, imposing churches, monuments and statues. Thanks to all of these the town has developed the nickname of 'Little Milan'. 

  • Day 4 - Mykonos (Mykonos Island)

    Along with Athens and Corfu, Mykonos is probably one of the most well known places in Greece. Famed for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, exciting nightlife and picturesque architecture it is a must visit place for anyone sailing in this area. The island is located in the heart of the Cyclades and promises vistors plenty of things to do. We'd recommend hunting out Little Venice or perhaps one of the renowned beaches. 
  • Day 5 - Gavrio (Andros Island)

    Gavrio is located on the west coast of Andros island and is the only active port connecting Andros and Rafina. The village started life as a small fishing village but over the last 20 years the town has grown and attracted more tourists. There are lots of sandy beaches along the north coast of the island which you can catch day excursions to if you fancy being on land for the day.

Day 6 - Vourkari (Kea Island)

Vourkari is located in the north of Kea island. The village is well protected from the prevailing winds and is home plenty of small fishing boats. The tourist industry has bought more traffic to the island looking for a peaceful little stopover. Kea is home to some fantastic restaurants serving fresh fish, lobster and other traditional dishes. If you're looking for a really quiet anchorage we'd recommend the bay around 100m from the port. 

Day 7 - Athens (Lavrion)

Lavrion is only a 50 minute drive from Athens. If you haven't already visited the city we'd strongly recommend you go. There are some world class sites including the parthenon which you can visit on your final day.