14 Day Sailing Itinerary from Mykonos

Day 1 - Mykonos (Mykonos Island)

Along with Athens and Corfu, Mykonos is probably one of the most well known places in Greece. Famed for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, exciting nightlife and picturesque architecture it is a must visit place for anyone sailing in this area. The island is located in the heart of the Cyclades and promises vistors plenty of things to do. We'd recommend hunting out Little Venice or perhaps one of the renowned beaches. 

Day 2 - Tinos (Tinos Island)

Tinos is the capital of the island. Over the past few decades the town has experienced rapid growth. This growth has brought with it a wide choice of tavernas, bakeries, shops, cafes and bars. The old town is worth a look as you'll find an archaeological museum and an 18th century marble fountain. The residents are keen painters so you'll also find a wide selection of art galleries dotted along the streets. 

  • Day 3 - Finikas (Syros Island)

    Finikas is a large and lively village in the southwest of the Syros Island. The harbour has plenty of space for visting yachtsmen and the town offers a wide selection of tavernas. You'll also find a fantastic beach close to the harbour where many of the locals head to during the peak season. 
  • Day 4 - Loutra (Kythnos Island)

    The town of Loutra is famous for its hot springs which flow right into the sea. You can see where the water runs in a stream on the edge of town and empties into the sea at the town beach. For those who want a free cure you can go to the spot where the hot water pours into the sea and there is a tub built with rocks where the sea water mixes and makes the temperature bearable. 

Day 5 - Livadi (Serifos Island)

Although Livadi is the harbour town of Serifos it has managed to retain its tradtional charm. Combine the charm with the benefits of having a wide range of restaurants, tavernas, bars and some clubs means there is something for everyone. Given the location of the town the sunrises are absolutely beautiful. A number of cafes will open early meaning you can sit and watch the sun come up whilst having the first coffee of the day. 

Day 6 - Kamares (Sifnos Island)

Kamares is the port of Sifnos and lies on the western side of the island. Sifnos is one the the best known ceramic production centres in Greece meaning you'll find plenty of workshops dotted around the town. The main settlement lies on the right of the bay and has plenty of tavernas, shops and bakeries where you can stock up. The beach has a watersports centre on it if you fancy trying your hand at something smaller than your yacht. 

Day 7 - Karavostasis (Folegandros Island)

Karavostasi is situated on the south eastern coast of Folegandros. The island itself is home to three villages and around 800 inhabitants. Karavostasis is the port village of the island and so has a range of tavernas and shops which should cover most needs. Many of the best beaches on the island are only accesible by foot or boat meaning it shouldn't prove difficult to find your own beach for the day. 

  • Day 8 - Ios (Ios Island)

    Ios is the only main village on the island and is located on the western coast. The port is a 20 minute walk from the town but it's well worth a visit. It's best to look around the town during day light hours as the locals are all working and the majority of the tourists are all on the beaches. Within the town you'll find typical small white washed houses and little alleyways winding around the town. For the night owls amongst you the village comes alive with bars and night clubs after the sun sets.

  • Day 9 - Agios Georgios (Irakleia Island)

    Agios Georgios is the main port of Irakleia and the largest village on the island with around 110 permentant inhabitants. The village owes its name to the chapel of Saint George which has been built within the village. The village itself has a small range of shops and Tavernas. You'll find a nice sandy beach within walking distance of the port as well as the ruins of a medevial castle. 

  • Day 11- Donoussa (Donoussa Island)

    Donoussa or 'Stavros' is the main village on the island. Although the town is relatively sparsely populated you'll find a warm welcome from the locals wherever you go. The village is close to one of the best beaches on the island and you'll also find some interesting places to explore like the church of the Holy Cross, the patron church of the island. It may not be a big place but everything you need is there, as long as you take the time to find it. 

Day 12 - Naxos (Naxos Island)

The largest of the Cyclades, Naxos packs a lot of bang for its buck. Its main city of Hora is a web of steep cobbled alleys, filled with the hubbub of tourism and shopping. Yet you needn't travel far to find isolated beaches, atmospheric villages and ancient sites. It is a big beautiful island, rich in agriculture, tradition and some of the finest beaches in the Cyclades.

Day 13 - Naousa (Paros Island)

Nauosa is considered to be one of the prettiest villages in the Cyclades. The village has kept it authenticity even though tourism has grown rapdily here. It's whitewashed and flowered little houses coupled with tiny churches and chapels and labyrinth like streets combine to give an enchanting atmosphere to the village. The port is at the heart of the village and is full of local fishing boats and the remains of an old Venetian castle. 

Day 14 - Mykonos Town (Mykonos Island)

If you didn't have an opportunity to explore Mykonos on your first night then we strongly recommend heading into the town centre on your last night. Mykonos has something for everyone including: restaurants, traditional tavernas, bars, clubs and beaches.