Kos to Agathonisi - 7 Day Sailing Itinerary

Day 1 - Kos Marina 

Kos is the third largest island in the group, and the second most popular, after Rhodes. Soaked in history and ruins, after a few hours wandering Kos town’s fortress and the Asklepion (Hippocrates' ancient sanatorium), you become almost blasé at sidestepping millenia-old Corinthian columns gathering weeds at the roadside. The marina is purposed built and shouldn't be confused with the ferry port which is a few minutes north of the marina. 

  •  Day 2 - Vathi (Kalymnos Island)

    Vathi is located in the middle of a mountainous site with the settlement stretching up the slopes of two hills. The surrounding area has a relatively arid feel about it with vegitation being sparse. The picturesque port is filled with local fishing boats and a few day trip boats which serve some of the popular tourist destinations in the area. There are a few tavernas and shops scattered around the village. 


Day 3 - Agia Marina (Leros Island)

Agia Marina is one of the main towns on Leros and combined with Panteli and Platanos form the capital of Leros. The harbour is especially picturesque with many traditional houses and even some mansions extending up the hillside.  Right at the entrance to the harbour is the Byzantine fortress of Bourtzi, you will also find a castle which is built at the top of the hill offering fantastic panoramic views. 

  • Day 4 - Mikro Chorio (Agathonisi island)

    Agathonisi island is the most nothern island in the Dodecanese area, The surface is rocky but does have some wild bushes and olive trees. Fresh water is scarce and is collected by wells and a boat which brings containers over for the locals. The island was regularily attacked by pirates and so the main settlement (Megalo Chorio) was built so it isn't visible from the sea. As you would expect provisions and tavernas are scarce but you will find a few in the main villages. 

Day 5 - Arki (Arkoi Island)

Arki and its neighbour Marathi are around eight kilometeres from the coast of Patmos. Day boats from Patmos are the main source of tourism of the islands. The main bay offers good protection from strong winds and is a popular place to shelter for yachtsmen. You'll find one of two tavernas offering fresh fish that have been caught by the locals the night before. 

Day 6 - Telendos (Katafigio Agrias)

Telendos rises across the north western coast of Kalymnos and is opposite the village of Myrties. Tolendos was part of Kalymnos until a massive earthquake in 535 AD seperated it from the rest of the island. Tolendos has only around 50 inhabitants and they are all situated around the small fishing settlement. The port is busy with fishing boats who sell their catch onto the nearby tavernas. Regular ferries run between Telendos and Kalymnos taking about 10 minutes to cross the 700 meter wide channel. 

Day 7 - Kos Town (Kos Island)

If you haven't already been into the centre of Kos Town we would strongly recommend it. The imposing Castle of the Knights of Saint John, on the eastern side of the harbour, is well worth a visit. Alternatively the centre of the town is home to a huge range of restaurants, tavernas, cafes and shops. Those of you looking for a big last evening will find a wide range of bars and nightclubs to choose from.