7 Day Family Sailing Itinerary from Split and Trogir

What to expect
This short hop route will take you to some of the most well known and popular destinations in the Dalmatian Islands. Perfect for those looking for short sailing legs, towns an villages, picturesque bays and plenty of activities for children of all ages. 

Please note that the official collection time of the yachts is 17:00. This might mean you're unable to leave the marina on the first day and so may not reach Maslinica on the Saturday. 

Day 1 - Maslinica (Solta Island)

The village of Maslinica lies on the west coast of Solta and is sheltered by a group of six small islands. Protection from all but the strongest westerly winds is good thanks to a long breakwater extending from the southern shore. It’s worth getting here early as it’s a popular stop, laid moorings, water and electricity are all available. The small village is worth wondering around, you may also catch a lovely sunset depending on where you are. 

  • Day 2 - Vrboska (Hvar Island)

    Vrboska lies at the end of a long, twisting inlet with a quay running most of its length. The town has a strong Venetian feel to it with plenty of Gothic and Renaissance houses dotted around. There is an established marina here as well as plenty of town quay space.
  • Stari Grad (Hvar Island)

    Situated in a deep, well protected bay on the north coast of Hvar Island, Stari Grad is the perfect retreat for those wishing to see a more relaxed side to Island life than Hvar town has to offer. Stari Grad, meaning ‘old town’ was first settled by the Greeks in 384BC (the same year that Greek philosopher Aristotle was born) making it the oldest town in Croatia, hence the name. Our top tip is to hire bikes and cycle over the Stari Grad plain, a UNESCO World heritage site still segmented by stone walls which bears testimony to the ancient geometrical system of land division used by the ancient Greeks. If that all sounds a bit too much like hard work why not take advantage of this west facing bay by relaxing in a local Konoba to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Day 4 - Vis (Vis Island)

The town of Vis is in the north-eastern part of Vis island and enjoys good protection from the surrounding bay. The furthest island from the Croatian coast, Vis was under Yugoslav military control for decades which only ended in 1989. As such it has retained much of its natural beauty which might explain why in 2018 it was chosen as the setting for the hit movie Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Viticulture has been a the most important form of agriculture here for over 2 millennia, and Vis even has its own grape variety. The vugava grape is comparable with a viognier and is rumoured to be the subject of the following quote from Agatharchides - "On the island of Vis is a wine produced that no other wine equals”.

  • Day 5 - Pakleni Islands

    If you haven’t already visited the more northern Croatian islands (Kornati & Kvarner), the Pakleni archipelago gives you a good indication of what they’re like. This unique stretch of islands on the south coast of Hvar are a real treat to visit. We recommend you moor in the sheltered bay of Vinogradišće, as its quieter and just a short walk from Palmiziana where you can take a water taxi to bustling Hvar town.
  • Day 6 - Milna (Brac Island)

    Milna is located on the western side of the Brac Island. With its spacious outer and narrow, shallow inner parts is the best and most sheltered harbour on the island, a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by generations of seafarers. It was the base of the Russian protectorate fleet in 1807 and before that was an important host to the Venetian fleet.

Day 7 - Trogir (Mainland)

Another jewel in Croatia’s crown. This beautiful UNESCO world heritage village offers everything Split can but in a charming little package. Located on its own little island Trogir is surrounded by large town walls which house cobble stone paths, family run restaurants and a surprising number of shops. We can’t recommend visiting enough!