Gocek & Fethiye Islands 14 Day Sailing Itinerary

This route can be sailed from either Fethiye or Gocek

Day 1 - Fethiye

Fethiye is the Turquoise Coast’s most central resort and along with the nearby lagoon of Ölü Deniz, it is well placed for visiting some of the best area’s including numerous and spectacular sited Lycian ruins. Fethiye occupies the site of the ancient Lycian city of Telmessos, and some impressive rock tombs which are well worth exploring.

  • Day 2 – Cold Water Bay

    Sometimes referred to as fresh water bay, cold water bay is just west of Lou Deniz. There are fresh water cold springs to the west of the bay. During the peak season months you’ll have your most refreshing dip here!

  • Day 3 – Butterfly Bay

    Access to the valley can only be by boat and there are small beach huts, a bar and you can walk up to the water fall. There are many butterflies to be seen throughout the valley. Often you will see para-gliders who have jumped off Baba Dağ (mountain) fly in and land on the beach.

Day 4 – Kekova Roads

The Kekova region is an area between ancient Aperlae on its western edge and ancient Andriake 10 NM to the east. Some of the most beautifully situated ruins on the south Turquoise coast are in this area, and it is named after the elongated island that creates a protected gulf between the mainland and the island.

  • Day 5 – Kas

    Kaş is built on a mountainside running down to the sea. The district has a Mediterranean type climate of hot, dry summers and warm wet winters, which allows the growth of oranges, lemons and bananas. The lowland areas are planted with cut flowers and a variety of fruits and vegetables are grown all year round. The hillsides also produce honey, as does much of Turkey, and almonds.
  • Day 6 – Wall Bay

    Wall Bay is the furthest bay to the south west of Skopea Limani and probably one of the prettiest with a great anchorage. The west end of the bay is on the Isthmus to the Mediterranean and you can see a really large ancient wall that starts next to the water’s edge and traverses across the Isthmus. This wall was a defence wall to protect ancient Lydae on the peninsula from being attacked from the mainland.

  • Day 7 – Ekincik

    Ekincik Bay is the largest and safest along the western Lycian coastline, as much of the coast faces full onto the prevailing winds and Meltimi. There are three large bays you can anchor in. The two furthest from the head of the bay, you will need to take a line ashore. However at the head of the bay there is large anchorage which has a sandy bottom and makes for good holding.

Day 8 – Marmaris

Marmaris is a modern but popular tourist destination for many nations and therefore offers much in the way of souvenir hunting in the great bazaar area near the sea front and port. There is also a considerable night life to be experienced along the beach area and in "Bar Street".

Day 9 – Ruin Bay

Ruin Bay is set in the south west corner of Manastir Köyü within Skopea Limani. At the head of the bay is a set of ruins with most of its footings submerged under water. In ancient times a warm water spring was said to have been found in the bay with the waters rich in mineral deposits, such as calcium and magnesium, which was reported to be good for the skin.

  • Day 10 – Tomb Bay

    Tomb Bay is the site of ancient Cyra, a Carian and Lycian city state. The Carian's are thought to have been natives of Asia Minor while the Lycian's were driven from Crete by Minos of Knossos. The ruins date from the 5th century BC. There are many tombs, the remains of a Roman-Byzantine bath once fed by a nearby spring, and a Cryan acropolis.

  • Day 11 – Gocek

    Göcek hosts six marinas and has now become one of the modern centres for the yachting community. Göcek was declared a Registered Area of Special Protection. Therefore multi-storied buildings are prohibited so most buildings are no more than two stories keeping it a beautiful location to live in and visit.

Day 12 – Tersan Adasi

This island is one of the biggest in Skopea Limanı lying opposite Domuz Adası. The island possess a very well protected bay located in the north west corner. There is one restaurant which is set amongst a multitude of, mainly, Byzantine ruins with a number of palm trees to give it a Middle Eastern look.

Day 13 – Kappi Creek

This snug bay has been occupied for hundreds of centuries by various people as a small community. On the west side of the creek are the ruins of two old dwellings with vaulated roofs, they look like small chapels. Also within the shallow part of the bay one can find footing remains of buildings now underwater

Day 14 – Fethiye

If you didn’t have time to visit Fethiye on your first evening we strongly recommend you do so before you leave. The town is a charming mix of local shops, restaurants and bars. There are plenty of people selling ‘genuine fakes’ which are actually surprisingly good. Alternatively have a walk up to the rock tombs outside of the town.