Bodrum 14 Day Sailing Itinerary 

Day 1 - Bodrum

Bodrum is a lively town with a repudation for lively nightlife. Although that reputation is deserved you’ll also find a centre with maze like streets and immense numbers of shops to look around. There is also a wide range of restaurants catering to most tastes. One of the best happens to be only 5 minutes from the marina.

  • Day 2 – Cokertme

    Cokertme village is nestled within a large bay offering good shelter from the prevailing winds. Again there are two very good restaurants with pontoons for visiting yachts. You’ll find a wider selection of facilities including showers, toilets, internet and mini markets. If you’re feeling too hot you could also book into one of the air-conditioned rooms for the night.

  • Day 3 – English Harbour

    English harbour was given its name due to a small number of Royal Marine commandos who worked from the quiet and secluded bay during World War II. There are no remains of any buildings but it’s alleged that many attacks were made against the Dodecanese islands. There are no restaurants here but across in the main bay there are two lodged between the tree lined coastline.

Day 4 – Korme

Korme is a double harbour with breakwaters and was originally built for a car ferry service from the Datca peninsula to Bodrum. Ensure you moor up close to the restaurant so you leave enough space for the ferry to come and go.

  • Day 5 – Datca

    Although Datca has grown in recent years it has kept it charm and traditional Turkish feel. Carpet shops are common place here so you might find a good deal. There is a mineral spring fed lake halfway along the west bay where warm water seeps from the lake bed making swimming here great.
  • Day 6 – Orhaniye

    Orhaniye is located in a picturesque cove with various historical sites surrounding the bay. The island found in Keci Buku has the ruins of a castle wrapped around the rocky sides. It’s believe the castle belonged to the ancient city of Baybassos and it’s said the locals brought water to the castle from the waterfall in Turgut through aqueducts and underwater pipes.

Day 7 – Paradise Bay

Paradise bay is a small quiet inlet sporting a beautiful small restaurant. You’ll find mooring lines but no water or electricity here. However there are nice showers and toilets on land which we recommend making the most of.

  • Day 8 – Dirsek Bay

    Dirsek Buku has a very good restaurant located at the head of the bay which is surrounded by palm trees and a beach. You’ll find showers and toilets as well as some fantastic local food.
  •  Day 9 – Serce Limani

    Serce Liman is a well sheltered bay which is difficult to spot due to the high cliffs surrounding it. A small restaurant within the bay will collect you from you yacht if you’d like to eat there. Given the bay has long been used for shelter there are plenty of wrecks dotted around which are worth hunting down.

Day 10 – Loryma

Loryma is the site of an ancient city which was deserted in the 7th century AD. Houses used to stretch up the slopes and an acropolis was built high up the mountain. If you feel energetic it’s still possible to see the remains of stone blocks and pillar bases where the city once stood.

  • Day 11 – Ovabuku

    Ovabuku has been chosen as the best beach in Turkey by the Guardian newspaper. The six hundred foot long sandy beach is only 20 kilometers from Datca. The beach has some restaurants and bars located nearby once you’ve had enough of the beautiful sand and crystal clear water.
  • Day 12 – Yedi Adalari

    Yedi Adalari are a group of small islands creating some protection from the prevailing winds and swell. There are several anchorages but we’d recommend Amazon creek. Here you’ll find shallower depths and heavily wooded hillsides. There are no restaurants here so you will be eating on the yacht.

Day 13 – Bodrum
If you’re looking for a good night out for your last night on holiday then Bodrum has got it covered. A wide range of bars and clubs are scattered around the town. Alternatively you could head into the centre of the town and explore the quiet twisting streets whilst doing a bit of souvenir shopping.