Tuscan Islands 7 Day Sailing Itinerary 

Day 1 – Piombino

Many see Piombino as just a starting point for their holiday, however the town has much more to offer than initially meets the eye. The historical centre is a perfect size to explore on foot and offers places such as the gate of St. Antonino which dates back to 1200.

Day 2 – Giannutri

Giannutri has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and Romans later built the first harbour. The island is extremely popular with scuba divers and is well worth visiting if you like snorkelling too. The island only has an area of 2 square kilometres but the coasts are filled with fascinating coves

Day 3 – Giglio

This island is an enormous mass of grey granite covered with deep-green vegetation. Its steep coastline alternatives with small beaches. The whole island is extremely well kept thanks to the locals being so proud of their island. We’d recommend visiting the fortified village at the top of the island.

Day 4 – Pianosa

This little island is closest to Elba but managed carefully by the local authorities. You must plan your visit here as the number of visitors to the island is limited to 250 per day. The island itself looks like a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches and archaeological finds from the Roman age visible on the sea bed.

Day 5 – Capraia

Capraia is a small mountenous island between Corsica and Elba. The tourist industry on Capraia has only been active since 1986 and as a result the island is very much how it used to be. The only port on the northeast coast does get busy but it’s possible to anchor off in the bay. The island is a fantastic place for keen walkers thanks to its terrain. Supplies are limited so do keep this in mind.

Day 6 – Portoferraia

Portoferraio is a picturesque fortress town. The Medici Fortress encloses the historical center of the harbour and back in the day guaranteed the safety of sailors in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s a nice stop for a bit of nightlife, history, provisioning and restaurants.

Day 7 – Piombino

If you didn’t get the opportunity to visit the town centre on your first evening we would recommend taking the time to visit. Within the old town there are several good restaurants which are worth visiting. After dinner you could go and explore with Plazzo Comunale (Town Hall) which is adjacent to the Torre dell’Orologio (Clock Tower).