A Typical Day on Charter

To explain the sailing holiday experince, often we find it's easier to detail a typical day on charter. Itineraries are completely flexible though and up to the client discussing their preferences with the skipper. Want to stay in the same place for a couple of nights? Sure! Want to visit that special place you've read about? Sure! It's all up to you...


You'll wake up on your private yacht, located in that special bay, village, quay or marina that you decided on the night before. You'll immediately jump in for your first swim of the day, and/or go ashore to explore the village further and visit the local bakery and deli for fresh bread and food for lunch later that day.  
On the way back to the boat you'll pick up a fresh cup of coffee from a cafe and prepare to leave. Once deciding where your next port of call will be, you'll hoist the sails and for a couple of hours sail to a lovely bay somewhere, where you can anchor the boat and jump in for the first (or second) swim of the day.


After a wonderful swim and snorkel in the clear waters of the bay you're anchored, you'll have a fresh water shower on the back of the boat and drip dry in the Mediterranean sun. Depending on the time, you will read a book, relax in the sun, or if you've already worked up an appetite, break out the fresh bread bought that morning and prepare a fresh salad for lunch. 
After lunch you might go back to your book, sunbathe, take the dinghy to explore the shore and once your food has digested, you'll be back in the water. 
Afternoons are meant for relaxing, so take your time. Create a swing off the boom (mast), feed the fish as you snorkel around them, and maybe go for a paddle on your stand-up paddle board. Finally though, and depending on your choice of the destinations for tonight (and only if you actually want to go anywhere!), you'll pull the anchor and sail for an hour or two to your next port of call. On arrival you'll settle in and then jump ashore to scout the area. You'll explore the local fortress, discover winding alleys through 'old worldy' towns, find a local ice cream store, and uncover that hidden bar that you'll head back to later that evening.  
Having read the Seamaster guide book that recommends great restaurants or having followed the guidance of your skipper (who are always fantastic guides), you'll know which wonderful restaurant to you'll visit tonight. But first, why not have a drink at that bar that serves amazing cocktails (and mocktails) overlooking the water. 
Once your appetite is suitable piqued, it's off to that local restaurant for a wonderful Greek/Italian/Croatian/Turkish/Spanish (take your picki here!) meal of fresh fish and seafood. You'll inevitably be eating al fresco, in a warm European evening, watching people go by and enjoying the local ambience.
After dinner you can choose to visit that gelato shop again, have another drink in a local bar or head back to the yacht to have a night cap or put the kids to bed (and then have a night cap).  Finally, after digesting the day you'll head off to bed and look forward to repeating it all agin the next day.
The next Morning...
The next morning, you get to start all over again!