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We have a large pool of experienced professional skippers that we have worked with for many years. They are generally young local guys that do this for a living, or to supplement their professional sailing careers.

If you have specific requirements or preferences for your skipper then please let us know, we'll certainly try to accommodate your needs. Otherwise please feel free to request information on your skipper, we'll be happy to provide further details.

Absolutely. Every year thousands of kids of all ages enjoy sailing in the Mediterranean. A sailing holiday is great for children of all ages because there is always fresh stimulous - you are visiting different ports and islands every day and there's always something going on. Our skipper's enjoy showing the kids the ropes and even let them get behind the wheel for a bit of sailing! The sailing legs aren't long, so there's no fear of 'cabin fever' either.

Safety-wise, we can provide children's life jackets and safety harnesses, as well as putting netting completely around the yacht. It's a very safe environment.

You decide, let your skipper decide, or a combination of both. Bounce from island to island each day, or park up and relax in the same place for a few days, ultimately it's your choice.

We provide suggested itineraries before you go, but because everyone is different you can decide your specific itinerary. The skipper is there to help refine and perfect your preferences,  so we usually recommend that on arrival you sit down with your skipper, a map, a bottle of wine and have a good chat about it.

Our sailing holidays tend to be more about the 'holiday' than the 'sailing'. On average you sail three - four hours a day, split between morning and afternoon (stopping for lunch in a stunning bay somewhere). You can of course sail more or sail less. It's your holiday after all!

We have a specific section on our website for that, please see here: How to Choose the Right Charter Yacht. Please remember that your skipper does require their own cabin. 

Ahh, the million pound question. Well, not that much, we promise! Seamaster can charter you the yacht only, leaving you to arrange the flights and transfers, or we can do the entire package. It's up to you. Prices are based on the cost of the yacht divided by the number of people travelling, plus flights and transfers. The closer you are to capacity on a yacht, the cheaper per person the holiday becomes.

The best way to establish the price is to use our live availability and pricing tool. All information on there is in real time and so will give you accurate pricing and availability.

Please bear in mind that you are required to provide the skipper with food and drink while you are on holiday.