Why book with Seamaster

Why book with Seamaster Yachting

To be frank, we're really good at what we do and so our clients enjoy wonderful holidays with us.
We take the position that it's not just a yacht charter that we offer, but it's a sailing holiday. The difference is that we feel responsible for all aspects of your holiday experience. This is not just quality yachts and wonderful skippers, but also your holiday build-up and then special guidance on unique experiences you'll see and enjoy on the water as well.


1. We know our stuff and aren't afraid to share
We've been doing this a long time, so there is very little that we don't know. The real difference though, is that we are not afraid to share our opinions. If we don't think an area will be best for you, then we will tell you. If we don't think a yacht is any good, then we will tell you. Conversely, if after listening to your preferences we have recommendations for a holiday that we think you'll love, then we'll tell you. 
We listen to your preferences first of all, and then use our experience and opionins to make recommendations that meet those expectations and ultimately give you the best sailing holiday possible, which could well be the best holiday of your life.  


2. We remove the risk and make things easy
Selecting the best sailing holiday can be stressful, with lots of moving parts to the overall decision; the yacht, the destination, the skipper, the flights and the logistics involved. Not to mention the risk of forking over thousands of pounds of your hard earned cash to someone on the other end of the phone. We remove the risk by being  a British company providing individual and bespoke advice that extends beyond just the yacht. We provide advice and assistance to all aspects of your holiday. We also provide financial protection, and you can pay by credit card without incurring any credit card fees.
There's no need to feel like it's all too much to consider, we'll do it all for you.


3. We have our own skippers
We don't just palm our clients off to skippers that we don't know. We know all our skippers and they know us, which important because they understand our high standards and what to expect from our clients. Our skippers are friendly, respectful and professional. They look cool in our Seamaster gear too! 
4. We are real people
We are not just a website, we're real people, just like you. We've gone on all types of sailing holidays ourselves over the years; family sailing holidays, party sailing holidays, group sailing holidays, couples sailing holidays... We've done them all. 
That's what makes our advice so good - we've been there and done that. Please don't hesitate to call us and have a chat, it's what we're here for.






5. We are ABTA and ATOL Bonded
We are part of ABTA and offer ATOL bonding for all relevant holidays. Not only does this provide you with financial protection, but also means that we have standards that we must adhere to and uphold.  
6. We provide a price match guarantee
In the unlikely event of you finding a better price from one of our competitors, please let us know. As long as it's like for like and the other quote is from a reputable company (there's a few dodgy ones out there), we'll match it. You'll then get all the benefits of booking a holiday with the best yacht charter agency around, and you'll know that you got the best price.