The Secret to Paying £100s Less for your 2019 Yacht Charter 

(and Getting a Better Boat)

We have incredible deals to be exploited right now on stunning yachts around the Mediterranean. Save thousands on identical boats, or upgrade to a new yacht for the same price as an older boat. 
Here's how...
Below are three identical boats available on our website right now for the 8th of June in Croatia. But look at the prices...
  • 2018 Lagoon 450 Flybridge

    8th of June

    £5325 per week
  • 2018 Lagoon 450 Flybridge

    8th of June

    £6535 per week
  • 2018 Lagoon 450 Flybridge

    8th of June

    £6770 per week

So, why is there a £1445 price difference between identical yachts? 
Firstly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the cheapest yacht. It is simply a fantastic yacht at a great price. Forget vague 'early booking discounts' as well, the key is the bottom line price you pay. 
Here's the key...
What occurs at this time of year is that our partners release their yacht prices for the following year all at the same time. Because they don't talk or collude with each other, you will find price anomalies between providers that you can exploit. Two of our partners may have exactly the same yacht, but with two very different prices, such as with the example above. Our yacht charter search will display and compare yachts and their prices in the easiest and most efficient manner. 
What's the catch?
The best boats with the best deals are always booked first and once they are gone, there's no coming back. Using the example above, the first person to book will pay £5325, the second person that books will pay £6535 and the last person to book will pay £6770. Therefore, the last person to book pays £1445 more than the first person for exactly the same yacht. Don't be that person!
Again, once they are booked, that boat and deal is gone forever. This means that the secret to securing the best price is to search and book now. Get in touch on 020 8004 3003 or Make an Enquiry, so we'll do the legwork.

The benefits don't end there... 
What about getting a new yacht cheaper than an older boat? Yes please!
Check out this example for the 13th of July in Croatia:
  • 2017 Sun Odyssey 419
    £2536 per week
  • 2005 Bavaria 42 Cruiser
    £2634 per week
  • 2016 Oceanis 38
    £2610 per week

You'll see that you can book a modern 42' yacht for less than either a thirteen year old 42' boat, or a smaller 38' yacht (with one head instead of two). 
So, what's the catch?
Yes, once again, the catch is that once the Sun Odyssey 419 is booked, it's gone forever (well until next year). Therefore, it really is an 'early bird catches the worm' scenario. To be sure of securing your own exclusive deal for sailing in 2019, you must search (and book) now.
Alternatively, give us a call on 020 8004 3003 or Make an Enquiry and we'll do the legwork for you.
Find your secret sailing holiday deal right now: