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7 Reasons Why Families Love our Sailing Holidays

Every year we introduce hundreds of families to sailing holidays, as well as welcome back those already bitten by the sailing bug. Whether chartering a yacht with a skipper to do all the 'work', or chartering a yacht to sail yourselves, we’ve put together 7 reasons why families love our sailing holidays.

    1. There's always something to do or see

    There's no chance of the kids being bored on a sailing holiday, whatever their age.  There's always something to do and see! Whether it's actually sailing the yacht (which we encourage), swinging from the mast, snorkelling off the back, or exploring a new location every day, the stimulus constantly changes and keeps them occupied.

    Sailing provides a real sense of adventure, with even the planning of your next destination being a group effort, involving everyone that wants to be a part of it. Shall we visit a fortress, an abandoned submarine bunker, or isolated bay next? It's up to you!


    2. Muck in as much or as little you like

    The beauty of a sailing holiday is that you can do as much or as little as you like, and that includes both parents and children. The kids may choose to get involved, take the wheel, throw a line, swing from the mast... all while the parents sit back and relax with a book in the sun.

    Alternatively, one day you may feel energetic and get involved, while the next you can sit back and enjoy the ride. The great thing about a sailing holiday is you’re in control.


    3. It's more about the holiday than the sailing

    Forget any misconception about having to sail long distances, as the sailing on our holidays is often a series of short-hops. Typically, you won't be sailing more than a few hours a day and even then they are broken up by a break for lunch. 

    That's not to say that you can't sail for longer if you like, it's just that you needn't do if you don't want to. A benefit of sailing in the Mediterranean is that there is so much variety within a relatively small area. 


    4. It's memorable and very very special

    Sailing the Greek/Croatian/Turkish/Italian/Spanish islands with the family on your own private yacht? There can't be any more memorable holiday than that!

    The only people more envious than your children's friend at school when they are told about this holiday will be your friends at the local pub when you gloat about the great time you had.

    Whether it's a one-off special trip or a special holiday you do every year, your family will absolutely love this holiday.


    5. You get to see and experience so much more

    Unlike a land based holiday, a sailing holiday offers you the opportunity to explore and visit a new destination every single day, without breaking a sweat. How many other holidays can you expect to be on a different island every single day without having to pack and repack, and then even enjoying the journey?

    One morning you'll be exploring a UNESCO World heritage town and that afternoon you'll be swimming in a disused cold-war submarine bunker.  To top it off, that night you'll be eating in a family-run restaurant located in a hidden vineyard. Bliss.


    6. It's private and completely bespoke to you

    Our sailing holidays are all private, independent and entirely bespoke to your own preferences. We know that not all families are the same, so neither are our sailing holidays.  

    We are able to recommend the best yacht in the best location with the best itinerary possible to suit your family. Also, having our own skippers  also means we can provide the best person on board to sail the yacht and guide your holiday for you.


    7. Sailing holidays are suitable for kids of any age

    Whatever the age of your children, a sailing holiday is as adaptable as you are. For young children we organise netting around the yacht and life jackets for children. We advise on the best areas for gentler sailing conditions or if your older kids are up for some excitement, more challenging conditions! 

    The activities available in the Mediterranean are as wide and varied as you need them to be – gentle shallow bays for young children to watersports and livelier tavernas for the older kids.  


Our Recommended Sailing Areas for Families: