The 5 Best Mediterranean Sailing Holiday Destinations


  • Greece Yacht Charter

    The home of sailing in the Med, Greece has long been a favourite for British sailors. Stunning islands, great sailing and lovely weather awaits.

  • Croatia Yacht Charter

    The rising star of tourism and sailing in Europe. Croatia has it all, lively islands, quiet bays, clear waters, great weather and perfect sailing.

  • Turkey Yacht Charter

    With a beautiful, rugged and inaccessible coastline, Turkey is perfect for exploring by boat. Rich in history as well, you'll love it.

  • Italy Yacht Charter

    Italy's sailing areas are as diverse as the people themselves. Chic Amalfi, glamorous Sardinia, rugged Sicily and beautiful Tuscany await.


  • Spain Yacht Charter

    Spain's primary yacht charter area is the Balearic Islands. With golden sandy beaches and numerous bays, it's well worth a visit.