6 Greek dishes to sample on your yacht charter

A sail along the Greek coastline or around the islands provides some great opportunities for tasting the country’s varied cuisine. Some are classics you’ll no doubt have heard of, others are regional recipes made using the island’s celebrated ingredients. Fellow yachtie foodies should make a beeline for the nearest taverna to try these 6 Greek dishes. Don’t forget to pair each one with fine Greek wines or glasses of cloudy ouzo. 
If you really want to get to the heart of Greek cuisine, look no further than the humble spanakopita. This earthy spinach pie is brought to life with salty Greek cheese and has texture provided by the crisp pastry top. Found in the small bakeries, they make for a hearty breakfast or a light lunch or dinner. Plus, it’s just as good cold making it perfect for a snack while you’re sailing around the Greek islands. 
Horiatiki salata
You just can't visit Greece and not try a plate of horiatiki salata or Greek salad. In fact, it's hard to avoid as it's knocked up in almost every taverna across the land. Roughly chopped tomatoes, cucumber, onions and black olives are dressed in a generous amount of nutty olive oil and sea salt. The true star of the show is the astonishingly big slab of rich feta which crumbles into the salad while you’re eating it. And somehow, it tastes so much better on holiday!
Eating saganaki might not be for those watching their waistline, but it's hard to resist this deceivingly simple appetizer. Slabs of local cheese are coated in flour and pan-fried in a sagani pan until golden and oozy. Best accompanied with olives, fresh tomatoes, crusty bread and cold Greek white wine. You won’t have any trouble finding this Greek classic in most local eateries and tavernas, particularly for lunch. 
You might not find tomatokeftedes at home, but don’t let its obscurity outside the Greek isles put you off. The country is blessed with year-round sun which helps produce some of the continent’s finest tomatoes. These are put to good use when mixed with onions, basil, sea salt and flour before being fried into crispy fritters. If you’re sailing past Santorini, but sure to disembark because the island serves up some of the best. 
Moussaka needs no introduction, but the version found on the Greek islands is a far cry from your local Greek restaurant back home. After a day’s sailing, there’s nothing better to satisfy your appetite than a slice of moussaka. A rich blend of minced meat and aubergine topped with a layer of wobbly bechamel sauce is always a crowd-pleaser. 
Pastitsio is a lesser known Greek classic which isn’t all that different from lasagne. A meat sauce made from minced beef, garlic, onions, wine and tomato sauce is slow cooked before being tossed together with penna pasta and baked with a layer of bechamel sauce. A solid evening meal best accompanied with a locally-produced red wine.