5 Croatian National Parks You Must Visit When Sailing

Croatia is a popular sailing spot amongst Seamaster Yacht Charter clients and with good reason. As well as boasting beautiful beaches and lively towns, there are a number of national parks to visit. These Croatian national parks all vary in location and size, but they do have some things in common as they all offer a great insight into a different side of Croatia. So why not moor and head ashore for a few hours to experience nature and more of what the country has to offer.
Croatian National Parks to Visit on Your Next Sailing Holiday
Lastovo . The Lastovo Archipelago became a national park in 2006 and it contains 44 islands and isles, as well as many cliffs and reefs. It’s one of the most preserved marine areas in the Adriatic and it offers a vast selection of landscapes, both land and sea. Covering an area of 195 square kilometres, The Lastovo Archipelago is the furthermost group of islands from mainland Croatia.
Krka. Krka National Park is located within Sibenik Knin County, spanning an area of 109 square kilometres. A lot of the Krka River is included as part of the national park, as is the lower section of the Cikola River. Within Krka National Park visitors will find the travertine waterfalls, a phenomenon of the Krka River.
Mljet . Mljet National Park is located on the north western part of Mljet Island, bordering two saltwater lakes. Visitors will find smaller islets, impressive landscapes and a building which was originally used as the Benedictine monastery. Mljet National Park is national park favoured by those on sailing holidays, as it offers a little bit of everything with specific areas for swimming, cycling and hiking.
Brijuni . The Brijuni Islands are a group of 14 small Croatian islands, all of which make up a national park. The largest of these islands is Veliki Brijun Island, which is situated 2 kilometres from the mainland. Visitors can also enjoy excursions, outdoor activities and sports.
Kornati.  A lot of people consider Kornati National Park as being a Croatian paradise. It attracts a number of tourists each and every year thanks to its many islands, islets and reefs. A permit is required in order to sail through Kornati National Park but it’s not recommended for those who are new to sailing (unless you’re on a skippered charter).