Volos to Kira Panagia - Sporades 7 Day Sailing Itinerary

Day 1– Mavri Petra (Mainland)

Mavri Petra is situated to the south east of the city of Volos. The small village is protected thanks to the island of Alatas which means shelter here is good. There are a small number of restaurants and cafes dotted along the beach. Alternatively this would be a good spot for a quiet overnight anchorage.  

  • Day 2 – Koukounaries (Skiathos Island)

    Koukounaries lies at the southwest end of Skiathos and is a large sandy bay. A forest reserve can be found behind the beach, beyond that you can find a lagoon which is connected to the sea by a small river which follows out into the little harbour. It’s a beautiful little spot which is worth exploring in your dinghy (an outboard would come in handy here).
  • Day 3 - Tzortzi Bay (Alonnisos)

    Nestled in a deep bay on the south coast of Alonissos island, in the heart of the Marine protected Archipelago, Tzortzi bay is a paradise for nature lovers looking to get away from it all. The pine wooded landscape protects well from strong winds making this a good anchorage with tranquil waters perfect for swimming and snorkelling! Why not take a walk up to the top of the gorge to catch stunning panoramic views?

Day 4 - Kyra Panagia

This small island is one of the many in the area which doesn’t support a permanent population apart from a few monks from a small monastery on the east coast. The island is part of the NMPANS nature reserve and is another place you might spot the Mediterranean Monk Sea

Day 5 - Skopelos (Skopelos Island)

Skopelos is the largest of the four main islands in the Sporades. It’s slightly bigger than Mykonos and significantly bigger than Santorini. The nearest inhabited islands are Skiathos to the west and Alonissos to the east. Due to a large number of natural springs the island is home to large olive groves, plum trees, almond and orange trees. The island is also famous in ancient history for the quality of its wine.

Day 6 - Paleo Trikeri (Palaio Trikeri Island)

Trikeri meaning three candles, represented by the lighthouses at the entrance to the Gulf of Volos. This small village is located on the east side of the entrance to the Gulf of Volos. The village itself has a couple of small tavernas and a lovely small shop where you can pick up a few basics to keep the fridge stocked. The main town quay is fairly exposed and can be affected by the wakes of passing ferries.

Day 7 - Volos (Mainland)

Volos is one of the largest cities in Greece. A combination of wealth and a long history have left their mark on the city making it home to numerous halls, churches, and mansions. Mount Pelion is located to the north of the city and the Pagasetic Gulf stretches off to the south giving the city a commanding position of the surrounding area. Picturesque restaurants are dotted along the waterfront along with a good selection of bars. Overall this city is well worth exploring.