Things to Do in Ibiza on Your Sailing Holiday

When you hear the name Ibiza, you probably, without thinking of it, picture scantily-clad ravers dancing the night and much of the day away. Although for those interested in that sort of thing, Ibiza is party central, there is a lot more to this Balearic isle than hard drinking and dancing. It has some pretty stunning scenery and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Sailing holidays in Ibiza provides plenty for travellers looking for beautiful scenery and interesting history to discover.
Dalt Vila
Dalt Vila is by far the prettiest of Ibiza’s bigger towns and can be seen from just about anywhere in the south, thanks to its 16th century-built bastions. First settled on by the Phoenicians and then by a series of different civilisations, this hilltop fortification has an atmospheric and tranquil air about it. It is made all the quieter thanks to the many cobbled streets and lanes that are only accessible on foot.
We recommend entering via the gateway at Portal de Ses Taules and heading upwards to the cathedral at the top.
Cala Mastella – Quiet Beach on the East Coast
Go to any beach on Ibiza and you are in for a treat. However, some of the best are also some of the most densely populated by tourists and locals alike. If you’re looking for a more subdued and peaceful trip to the beach, try Cala Mastella. This is a little sandy cove that is neatly hidden in a deep inlet full of pines. Particularly in the off-peak season, you may find that this little bit of paradise is clear of all but a few tourists in the know.
Heading over the rocky areas of the north east takes you to the famous El Bigotes, a popular and famous seafood restaurant.
Aquarium Cap Blanc
Aquatic animal lovers will want to make a point of visiting Aquarium Cap Blanc. This is also known by the name Lobster Cave and is based inside a naturally-formed cave that in the past was used as a nursery for young lobsters before they were exported to mainland Spain. Sea turtles are often kept here when they are being nursed back to health before being released into the wild, thanks to the natural environment and water quality.
Here, though you will find a multitude of stunning Mediterranean Sea creatures, from shark eggs, starfish and sea sponges to rainbow wrasse and so much more.
Ibiza Cathedral
The Cathedral de Santa Marina de Ibiza is found at the top of the hill in Dalt Vila and offers amazing views of the sea. Built in the 1500s, this was always a religious structure of significance, but was not a cathedral until sometime after it had stood there. The building has undergone many changes, but still has that Catalan Gothic-style that makes it a great place to visit.
Delicious Food
Much of the food on Ibiza is one-pot-style, which is due to the seasonal availability of the local produce and different historical influences on the island. Ensalada Payesa is a commonly found dish in most restaurants, that consists of green and red peppers, olives, boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, onion, tomatoes and crostes or crusts of bread and a nice piece of dried cod in oil.
No trip to Spain, or Ibiza would be complete though without trying at least one variation of paella. Paella de Mariscos (or Paella Valenciana) is a great way to sample some of the best seafood.