The Best Areas for Families with Young Children

Every year thousands of clients sail with young children and enjoy a safe and carefree experience. To achieve this it is important to ensure two things; firstly, that the yacht has all the safety equipment required for young children, including netting around the entire yacht, childrens lifejackets and harnesses (taking a child's carseat and strapping it to the cockpit is a hot tip) and secondly, selecting the correct sailing area, which is one that doesn't get too windy and has relatively flat seas. Here is a list of our favourites: 


    1. Ionian Islands, Greece

    The southern Ionian Islands, sailing south from Lefkas, is renowned for its light winds, short hop sailing and flat seas. It's perfect for families who require a easy first step into sailing with young children. There's plenty of villages to visit and lovely bays to swim in as well. If you're in any doubt, the Ionian is your best bet. 


    2. Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

    From June to August, the Dalmatian Islands are particularly reliable for lighter breezes and rather easy sailing conditions. With so many islands in this area, the seas are flat and sailing legs short. You'll discover fortress towns, quiet bays, lively villages and generally lots to do and see. 


    3. Saronic Islands, Greece

    The Saronic Islands are a balanced sailing area, with more wind than the Ionian, but not enough to get you into trouble. It's a great place to visit on a skippered charter with kids, or if you're not a novice and would like to actually sail on holiday! Lots of villages, short sailing legs and plenty to see and do. It's an excellent sailing area. 


    4. Gocek and Fethiye, Turkey

    Within the gulf of Fethiye the seas are flat and sheltered. Within the large gulf itself are several smaller bays that provide a wonderful haven for those with smaller children. There's lots to do and see in a relatively small area, such as villages, ruins (Cleopatras Baths), and gorgeous restaurants hidden within inlets and bays.


    5. Sardinia, Italy

    The Costa Smeralda or Emerald coast has all the magical ingredients that make a sailing holiday so special. There are pink sandy beaches, a pristine national park, great climate and wonderful food - a combination difficult to match. The La Maddalena islands nestle close together providing plenty of shelter from any wind and offer nice short hop sailing opportunities too. With plenty for children to do it's a great left field choice.