Best for Families with Teens
Best Sailing Areas for Families with Teenagers

Teenagers... often the make or break of a family holiday! From experience, a yacht charter is a fantastic getaway for teenage kids of both genders because, if you get the location correct, the holiday provides something for everyone. During the day they can muck in as much or as little as they want with the sailing, sunbathe, swim or just generally laze around on deck. We recommend choosing a location with shorter sailing legs, great weather and plenty of land based activities to see and do. It can't be all about the sailing! Here's a list of our favourites:


    1. Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

    The Dalmatian Islands are undoubtedly the hotspot for sailing at the moment and justifiably so with lively port towns and villages, excellent sailing breezes, easy access from the UK and short hop sailing from island to island. Teengers will love the buzz, the clear waters, the summer weather and exploring the many islands. 



    2. Saronic Islands, Greece

    The Saronic Islands offer the perfect mix of fabulous weather, lively islands with plenty going on throughout the summer, interesting historical and heritage sites to discover - all without the need for long sailing legs to get from one place to another. There is also plenty of snorkelling spots and the Greeks are always welcoming.  



    3. Gocek and Fethiye, Turkey

    We love the variety of things going on in this lovely Turkish sailing area. Fethiye itself is an intersting tourist town with bustling markets and a lively atmosphere. There's plenty more to keep the family occupied - feed loggerhead turtles, paraglide from 1600m, relax in thermal mud baths and snorkel over sunken villages!



    4. Sardinia, Italy

    Sardinia is simply beautiful. From our base at Portisco you sail north to the Coasta Smeralda, which holds eveything a teenager could wish for. Crystal clear waters for swimming, golden beaches for sunbathing, lively villages to keep them interested and excellent sailing breezes to ensure quick island passages. 



    5. Balearic Islands, Spain

    The Balearics are a fantastic spot to keep teenagers occupied and interested on your family holiday. With lots of lively villages to explore, sandy beaches for swimming, a craggy and beautiful coastline to meander and plenty of children their own age to mix and mingle with, the whole family will love it!