Best Sailing Areas for Inexperienced Sailors

It is vitally important you select a sailing ground that best suits your sailing capabilities. The good news is that the Mediterranean has a multitude of lovely sailing areas that don't require 'ocean going' experience. There are however areas that can give even the most seasoned sailor a fright, so here's a list of the sailing areas we recommend for the lesser experienced sailors. Do remember though, every sailing area can be subjected to stronger winds so always check the weather forecast before you plan your route. 



    1. Ionian Islands, Greece

    The Ionian Islands, and in particular the south Ionian from Lefkas, hold very few demons. It's a relatively small sailing area that is largely enclosed by the Greek mainland and the large islands of Lefkas and Kefalonia. With the lightest winds in the Med, no tidal flow and yet beautiful villages, bays and harbours -  it's a winner.  



    2. Kornati Islands, Croatia

    The Kornati Islands are scattered like paint drops down the north Dalmatian Coast, creating a wonderful and sheltered sailing area. It's not an overly lively area, dominated by dramatic uninhabited islands, but it is great for flat seas, short hops and easy non-tidal sailing. The best time of year to visit is from June to August. 



    3. Gocek and Fethiye, Turkey

    Inexperienced sailors will enjoy the Gulf of Fethiye, where these bases are located. It has all the attractions - bays, coves, inlets, restaurants, but also the winds are predictable. In the mornings the wind is light and then builds through the day to a good sea breeze, meaning you can plan your route accordingly. 



    4. Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

    During the peak months, the Dalmatian Islands experience very settled weather. Breezes can get up in the afternoons but they are reliable, with light winds in the mornings building throughout the day. Inexperienced sailors can use the mornings to get around and the afternoons to relax in the sun and be cooled by the breeze. 



    5. Saronic Islands, Greece

    The Saronic Islands from Athens are ideal for inexperienced sailors looking to experience a bit more wind. Certainly not as calm as the Ionian, it's a destination that gets lovely afternoon sea breezes. Light in the morning and building during the day, means you can plan your day depending on how much wind you're up for.