Best Off the Beaten Track Sailing Areas
The Best 'Off the Beaten Track' Sailing Destinations

There is nothing more gratifying on a sailing holiday than hoisting the sails and leaving the tourist hordes behind. There are so many hidden gems in the Mediterranean, whether it's an isolated bay, deserted island or islet, tranquil beach or even quiet village. Exploring 'off the beaten track' is something well worth doing. Here's our list of destinations for just that: 


    1. Sicily, Italy

    A yacht charter to Sicily entails a 'voyage of discovery' to the Aeolian Islands, located to the north east of Sicily. The Aeolians, which lie on a volcanic ridge, are rugged and raw and certainly off the tourist trail. There are seven islands including a permanently active volcano and two that flair up intermittently with steam and lava! 



    2. Kvarner Islands, Croatia

    A yacht charter from Pula is one few people have done themselves. The Kvarner are Croatia's best kept secret. Perfumed gardens, uninhabited islands and regular dolphin sightings are just some of the things you can look forward to.  



    3. Cyclades Islands, Greece

    The Cyclades is a diverse destination. Mykonos, Ios and Santorini offer the full 'touristy experience' bars and clubs and lounger filled beaches. Just a short sail away however is a treasure trove of islands that you, and most people, will never have even heard of. Stunning islands, beaches and quaint villages await. 



    4. Kornati Islands, Croatia

    This sailing area is perhaps the most sparsely populated in Europe. With hundreds of islands 'scattered like pebbles' along the coast, the Kornati Islands are well off the beaten track. Sail from the more lively mainland to islands otherwise unreachable by land or ferry. Enjoy isolated resturants and quiet bays. 



    5. Dodecanese Islands, Greece

    Like most of the sailing areas on this list, the bases from which you sail the Dodecs are lively tourist towns. Kos and Rhodes both provide great launching pads from which to explore the further islands in this group.  With limited ferries available and mainland Greek visitors, the further Dodecs are definitely hidden gems.