Dalmatian Islands Yacht Charter Guide

Best for: An all-round Croatian experience, families, groups, easy sailing, great nightlife, excellent variety
Look out for: Light winds, northern islands busy throughout the year, mooring fees adding up

Our Dalmatian Island Yachts:

What to Expect Sailing the Dalmatian Islands

The Dalmatian Islands are renowned for their variety and balance; you'll visit terracotta roofed villages, find hidden restaurants, wander flagstone pathed alleys, enjoy cosmopolitan and lively towns, relax in quiet picturesque bays and experience wonderfully balanced sailing conditions. Don't forget Italian influenced food, crystal clear waters and a wonderful Mediterranean climate.

Dalmatian Islands at a Glance

  • The most well known, most cosmopolitan and most popular slice of Croatia. Visit the famous Hvar, Korcula and Vis Islands, plus the world class city of Dubrovnik

  • An incredible mix of experiences on offer that will appeal to everyone, including families, couples, older groups, younger groups and everyone in between

  • Generally excellent sailing breezes throughout the year, though wind conditions do tend to be light in the peak season, which will appeal to families and novices

Dalmatian Islands Sailing Itineraries

Between Trogir and Split in the north to Dubrovnik in the south, there are seven large islands and numerous medium to small islands that offer a heady contrast of lively, exciting harbours, imposing fortress towns, restaurants, bars and conversely; small bays, hidden coves, quiet moorings and traditional Croatian restaurants. For one-week charters, Korcula is generally the furthest point for itineraries departing from both Split and Dubrovnik.

  • 7 Day Family Route

    Sail from either Trogir or Split and explore the Dalmatian Islands. 

  • 7 Day Itinerary from Dubrovnik

    Sail from the stunning city of Dubrovnik north into the central Dalmatian Islands, including Mljet and Korcula.

  • 7 Day Adventurous Route

    Sail from any of our Split Bases - Split City or Split Kastela into the central Dalmatian Islands. 

    A Year's Worth of Islands

     The largest islands in the Dalmatians are Solta, Brac, Hvar, Vis, Lastovo, Korcula and Mljet. It is Hvar that has drawn  the most attention in recent years, with a justified and growing reputation as a lively,  cosmopolitan party town with direct and fast ferry links to Split on the mainland. It is typical of Croatia however, that only one mile from Hvar lies a small and perfectly formed archipelago called the Pakleni Islands, offering an idyllic haven for yachties beyond the crowds with numerous peaceful and relaxing bays in which to anchor.  

    There are plenty of other hidden gems as well, off the well beaten 'ferry track'. Steer away from the main ferry ports and you'll find some gorgeous spots. Look up Stiniva Bay on Vis, Maslinica on Solta and Pasadur on Lastovo. Also, many other islands such as Bisevo and Scedro have very infrequent ferry connections anyway. 

  • Mooring Fees

    There are mooring fees in Croatia. Simply, this is a charge incurred for mooring your yacht in marinas, on buoys, or on town quays. The prices are based on numerous factors including the type of mooring, the time of year and the size of the yacht. We recommend that you budget €400 for an average sized yacht doing a 'normal' mixed itinerary of anchorages, marinas, town quays and mooring buoys. You are ultimately in control and can reduce or increase this cost depending on where you moor. Marinas are the most expesnive while anchoring is typically free.

  • How to get here

    To the sail the Dalmatians you will fly to either Split or Dubrovnik. There are a range of flights to Split airport on offer from around the UK, including London, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle and Leeds. To Dubrovnik, there are flights again from London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh has a direct flight too. Check for others, as more flights are added every day.

    None of our bases are more than 40 minutes from their respective airports, with many such as Split and Trogir, being just 20 minutes away.

  • Our Bases in the Area

    Due to the relatively small size of a lot of the bases in Croatia, our yachts are shared amongst six bases; Trogir, Kastela Marina, ACI Marina Split, Solta, Rogoznica and Dubrovnik. Additionally, there are three separate marinas in Trogir that we treat as interchangeable.

    Dubrovnik stands alone in the very south of Croatia and offers a southern entry point into the Dalmatian Islands. Dubrovnik Marina is 40 minutes from the airport. 

    Weather in the Dalmatian Islands

    Croatia is one of the most northerly sailing areas in the Mediterranean and therefore tends to have a slightly shorter season than other more  southerly countries. June and September enjoy settled weather, with temperatures in the late twenties. During the peak months of July and August, temperatures are consistently in the early 30s. May is increasingly becoming a great month to sail in Croatia as the weather is generally very good, but the prices are fantastic.

    The sailing winds in Croatia are generally excellent, with winds very rarely stronger than Force 4 (moderate breeze) in summer. A wind called the 'Bora' does bring stronger wind, but this is a winter wind that only very rarely features even early and late season. During the peak season the risk is not of enough wind, rather than too much.