Sailing Holidays in Turkey

An Introduction to Wonderful Yacht Charters in Turkey

The Turkish coastline is wonderful for a sailing holiday that explores a fantastic tapestry of culture and history as much as the serene bays, idyllic harbours and isolated traditional restaurants that solely cater to the passing nautical trade. Throw in a bit of adventure, loggerhead turtles, authentic Turkish cuisine and cheap shopping, you won't want to leave!

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Turkey Sailing Areas:
  • Gocek and Fethiye

    The most popular Turkey sailing destination. These 'grown-up' fishing villages lie in the Gulf of Fethiye and are a haven of diverse cultural sites, craggy bays, balanced sailing and wonderful unique experiences. 

  • Marmaris

    While offering access to both theTurquoise and Carian Coasts, sailing west to the stunning Bozburun Peninsula with it's picturesque bays is most popular.

  • Bodrum

    Lying at the head of the Gulf of Gokova, Bodrum offers a lively starting point to exploring this tranquil and picturesque coast with tranquil bays and coves. 

The Turkey coastline is rugged and dramatic, with steep mountain sides dropping into blue azure seas. It's riddled with exciting craggy gulfs, bays, inlets, islands and spectacular scenery, offering lovely anchorages and moorings to overnight and provide great shelter from prevailing breezes. Eat in one of the many 'one restaurant bays' where you dine on fresh, authentic local food just metres from the lapping sea.

Sailing in Turkey

Straddling both Europe and Asia and having existed at the crossroads of civilisation for millenia, Turkey offers sailors a rich cultural experience. Explore the many archaeological sites only accessible by boat and be charmed by the warm, welcoming and often humourous people themselves ("buy from me, I'm cheaper than Primark!").
Throw in a long hot summer season with lovely sailing breezes, stunning clear waters and a few surprises along the way, such as thermal mud baths and loggerhead turtles - Turkey is truly a world class sailing destination.

Our Bases

We have four yacht charter bases in Turkey, covering two broad regions - the Carian Coast and the Turquoise Coast. The Carian Coast stretches down from Çanakkale on the Dardanelles (the ancient Hellespont), includes Bodrum and the finger of land off Marmaris known as the Bozburun Peninsula. This is served by Bodrum and Marmaris.
South of Marmaris is the 'Turquoise Coast', also known as the Lycian Coast. It includes our bases of Gocek and Fethiye which lie in the Gulf of Fethiye. While the Lycian Coast stretches all the way around south western Turkey to  Antalya, the extent of 99% sailing holidays from Fethiye in this direction go as far as Kekova Roads.

Our Turkey Yachts

  • Winds and Weather in Turkey

    The Mediterranean Sea area on the south west corner of Turkey is a lot friendlier than the Greek Aegean Sea, giving lighter breezes and less livelier seas. Once you slip round the straits between Simi, Rhodes and the headland at Kara Burun, the gradient winds tend to come from a north westerly to a westerly. The further east you travel, the wind direction tends to be more westerly. 
    You will also find that the wind speeds will vary from calm to gentle breezes, Force 3 (light winds, 7-10 knots) but often building to be a Force 4 (moderate breeze, 11 to 16 knots). From Marmaris to Antalya you will find - when the gradient winds are shown as being 0 to 20 knots, then the local geography such as land, mountains, headlands, bays and seas bring their own wind directions and speeds. However if the gradient winds are stronger than 20 knots then you will find that the prevailing winds and Meltimi will come into play. 
    You will often experience many enjoyable days of sailing in lighter winds, lesser seas, and find local wind directions such as onshore breezes during the day and offshore breezes during the night. 

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