Marmaris Yacht Charters

Best for: Good sailing winds, diversity of lively base and serene harbours, cultural experience, peaceful sailing
Look out for: Marmaris being a very touristy base, longer starting and ending sailing legs, no nightlife away from the base

Our Marmaris Yachts

What to Expect

Marmaris is a lively tourist city that delivers striking contrast to the remarkably undeveloped Carian Coast to which it provides access. Leave the hustle and bustle of Marmaris' bars, beaches and markets behind as you sail the idyllic Carian Coast it's with serene swimming spots, authentic quayside restaurants, lovely sailing breezes, and as always, numerous heritage sites to discover.

Marmaris Sailing at a Glance
  • The lively tourist town of Marmaris is of stark contrast to the rest of the serene and beautiful Carian Coast with its empty bays and traditional villages

  • The summer season is the longest of any of our sailing areas, with good weather and warm temperatures from late April right through to the start of November

  • Expect small villages, quayside restaurants, idyllic bays, serene swimming spots and discover numerous heritage and cultural sites to explore

Our Marmaris Sailing Itineraries

From Marmaris you sail the length of the Bozburun Peninsula, pass between the mainland and the Greek island of Symi, emerging into the wonderful Yesilova and Hisronu Bays. While Marmaris is a busy tourist city, these gulfs enjoy a far more serene and peaceful disposition, primarily due to the long distance from an airport. There are numerous anchorages and small villages, complimented by a couple of slightly larger settlements at Datca and Selimiye. Visit serene swimming spots, authentic quayside restaurants, lovely sailing breezes, and as always, numerous heritage sites to discover.

  • 7 Day Itinerary 

    Depart the lively city of Marmaris on a 7 day holiday into the peaceful and gorgeous Carian coast. 

  • 14 Day Itinerary 

    This two week itinerary from Marmaris sails east past Dalyan and the Gulf of Fethiye and on toward Kalkan and Kas. 

  • Further Recommended Spots 

    View our suggested itineraries for specifics, but be sure to visit Serce Limani, Bozuk Buku, Sailor's Paradise, Selimiye, Datca and some of the lovely anchorages (many without names) along the Datca Peninsula as well. 

    As a special treat, the Greek island of Symi is divine and well worth a visit. As it is a Greek Island however, there is some red tape that must be navigated. Our recommendation is to visit Panormitis on the south west coast and catch a shuttle over the Symi town. You'll need to get a taxi back.

  • How to get to Marmaris

    Marmaris is accessed via Dalaman Airport. Dalaman is serviced by airlines from at least 10 airports around the UK, so it is very well served. Marmaris is a 90 minute transfer from Dalaman Airport and we can recommend airport transfers for you as well, no problem.

  • Weather in Marmaris

     The summer season is long hot and dry. During May and Ocotober expect temperatures already into the mid-20s, while during August temperatures average in the mid-30s. As temperatures can peak at around 40 degrees(!), we often advise that Turkey isn't the place to take children in the peak season.

    The prevailing winds on the Southern Carian Coast are from the northwest through to the west in the main. However, the Turkish coastline will affect the wind strengths and directions considerably. During the mornings, expect the winds to be lighter and off the land, but as the day progresses expect the winds to become sea breezes slowly building strength from midday to early evening. 

    However, the prevailing winds from midday onwards in the Rhodes strait, will be from the west to south west and can produce a reasonable swell from .5m to 1.12m, with a Meltimi wind expect up to 2 metres. For the Hisarönü Körfezi (bay) the midday to early evening breezes will generally blow from the southwest directly up the bay from Datça, again these can produce some swell from .5m to 1m and somtimes a little higher. The sea area between the island of Simi and the Yeşilova Körfezi can be light and variable in direction for much of the time.