A Complete Italy Yacht Charter Guide

Your introduction to a wonderful sailing holiday in Italy by Seamaster

It is impossible to generalise about our selection of sailing regions in Italy. The experiences on offer are as diverse and unique as the people themselves. Tuscans, Neapolitans, Sicilians and Sardinians all form a rich tapestry on which modern day Italy is shaped.
A sailing holiday to Italy reflects this, with each destination offering a very different character and beauty for each sailor to discover. Whether you're looking for lovely golden beaches, colourful Italian architecture, amazing natural wonders, glam and glitz, secluded rustic islands, dramatic craggy coasts or exciting sailing breezes - Italy has them all. Take your time to read through each of our regional profiles and get to know a different side of Italy - best viewed from your very own yacht. 

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There are Four Italy Sailing Destinations:
  •  Sardinia
    A destination with a split personality; flash and brash in places, demure and idyllic in others. The Costa Smeralda ('Emerald Coast') is a stunning location with golden sandy beaches, national parks & big budgets
  •  The Amalfi Coast
    The only way to improve the Amalfi experience is to do it by boat. Escape the crowds and have the 'best view in the house' from the back of your very own private yacht
  •  Sicily
    Europe's most historically cosmopolitan region, Sicily is full of unique culture, great food and lovely island escapes. Discover these brash, stark and even active, volcanic islands. 
  • The Tuscan Islands
    Largely undiscovered as a sailing area, Tuscany offers archipelago sailing, with seaside towns, golden sandy beaches and wonderful sailing breezes. Corsica is also within striking distance! 

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Don't forget the food...

There is one other common theme, the food is without question the best on offer in any of our sailing destinations.  Even a visit to a large 'faceless' supermarket yields food better than you find in many markets back home (don't get us started on the fruit, amazing!) Make sure you visit the authentic Italian delis and gelaterias during the day and at night find that magical authentic Italian family restaurant. It will be there somewhere.