Amalfi Coast Yacht Charters

Best for: Iconic villages, romance, families, wonderful food, short-hop sailing
Look out for: Mooring fees can add up, can be congested in peak season, quite touristy in places

Our Amalfi Coast Yachts

What to Expect

The romantic Amalfi Coast is one of Europe's most breathtaking, with rugged cliffs falling precipitously into crystal seas. Lovely whitewashed villas cling precariously to the cliff faces, together with lemon groves  and a single winding road that services small towns dotted around the coast. Foremost amongst these towns is the eponymous Amalfi,  the glamorous Sorrento, the picturesque Positano and the refined Rafello. Even the large city of Salerno has lovely winding medieval streets and many hidden gems. 

Amalfi Coast at a Glance
  • A sailing holiday is the best way of visiting the beautiful, romantic, chic and exclusive Amalfi Coast. You'll visit seven different Amalfi destinations easily through a week 

  • Have the best seat in the house (views back to the coast are stunning), avoid often oppressive crowds and see much more with no further effort expended. Just perfect.

  • Typically the winds are light along the Amalfi Coast with Force 2-4 most prevalent. Summers are typically Mediterranean - long, hot and dry.

Amalfi Coast Sailing Itineraries

While the actual Amalfi Coast is a 50km long stretch of coast south of the Sorrentine Peninsula, we also include the wonderful locations within the Bay of Naples and the Pontine Island group into this general area. This inclusion best illustrates a great benefit of sailing the Amalfi Coast; the ability to see and experience so much more than you would on land. Sail from village to village, island to island, unencumbered by the many tourists buses and hectic Italian drivers that dominate the single winding road around the coast.

  • Sailing truly is the best way to visit the Amalfi Coast

    While land-based visitors are largely confined to sometimes oppressively busy mainland hotspots, those on a sailing holiday can escape to enjoy the delights of several wonderful islands in the wider area. Capri is chic and stunning, Procida is an idyllic escape (off the map of mass tourism), Ischia offers the best beaches and a thermal mud bath or two and the Pontine Islands are an exclusive national park, frequented by well-heeled Romans.

    Sail  the short trip to Capri on your own yacht, rather than sharing a plodding ferry. Easily traverse the Bay of Naples from Amalfi to Ischia, a trip that would otherwise be an eight hour return trip! All of these experiences are exclusive to a sailing holiday and to top it all off, you'll have the best seat in the house, with stunning views of the coast from your yacht that many of the £1,000 per night hotel visitors would love to have. 

Mooring Fees

Please note that mooring fees on the Amalfi Coast are some of the most expensive in the Mediterranean.  Mooring fees in Capri Grande Marina can be up to €280 per night, Procida €160 per night, Amalfi €180 per night (these are for a Bavaria Cruiser 56 so perhaps the worst case scenario). There are anchorages and cheaper alternatives, but if want to be in the prime position every night then you will have to pay for it.  

  • Weather

    Typically the winds are light along the Amalfi Coast. In the afternoon a south west – south east comes through around a Force 2 – 4 dying down again at sunset. Sometimes it can get up to a Force 5. In the morning and the evening a light east – north east may prevail, although this rarely gets above a Force 2. There may be frequent days of calm, especially when sailing in the Gulf of Salerno.

    During the summer months the weather is at its warmest, with July and August being the hottest months with temperatures reaching the early 30’s and the most hours of daylight. If heading out earlier or later in the season temperatures are still in the 20’s, making it a pleasant time of year to sail.

  • Our Amalfi Coast Bases

    We have two bases in the Amalfi Coast region of Italy - Salerno and Procida. 

    Salerno is the capital city of the Amalfi region and is located 45 minutes down the coast from Naples, the primary airport in the region. Salerno is a major city that provides all the amenities that you could wish for prior to embarking on a sailing holiday. Procida is an island just off the coast of Naples, famed for its pastel coloured waterfront buildings. To get to Procida you must take a ferry and all in it takes around 90 minutes from the airport. It's one of the most picturesque bases on our books and has all the amenities required for a great start to your holiday.