A Spain Yacht Charter Guide

Our sailing holidays to Spain focus on the lovely Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea that include the iconic Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca. Also discover the lesser known Formentera and Cabrera Islands on sailing holiday that promises to show you a side the these island you've never seen before.

These islands are extremely popular land based holiday destinations for travellers from around Europe and the world. However like most archipelagos, we believe they are best seen and experienced by yacht. After all, how else can you possibly manage to see and take in so much of these islands while doing so little? Currently Seamaster Yachting offers yacht charters in the Balearic Islands from Majorca and Ibiza.

See what people say about our yacht charters:

Our Sailing Areas in Spain

"We had an absolutely unbelievably great time on our charter. We loved the flexibility to duck in and out of bays and harbours as we pleased. It's an incredible way to see Majorca" J.B. 2017 
  • Winds and Weather in Spain 

    The weather in the Balearics is typically Mediterranean, with long hot and dry summers. During peak season of July and August temperatures average in the early 30s. In May and October you'll experience temps in the early to mid 20s.
    The winds are mostly moderate and average Force 3-4 (light to moderate winds). In Majorca and Menorca the wind comes predominantly from the north. In Mahon, the wind blows from the north 245 days a year. In Ibiza, Formentera and the other islands, the wind comes more from the south-east and wind speeds are generally lower.