How Much Does a Skippered Yacht Charter Cost?

We want the cost of your sailing holiday to be as transparent as possible. In addition to the cost of the yacht, flights and transfers there are a few compulsory extras that you will incur, and a few optional extras that you may incur, on a yacht charter. There is almost always a compulsory end cleaning charge for example, and fuel for the yacht is treated the same as with a hire car. Optional extras such as stand-up paddle boars, WiFi, and mooring fees. See below for a full list.

  • Yacht Charter Prices

    Seamaster Yachting offers four different pricing options:

    Yacht Only

    Yacht + skipper/crew only

    Yacht + Flights + Transfers

    Yacht + Flights + Transfers + Skipper/Crew

    Our yacht prices can change from week to week and flight costs can change day to day. The only way to get an accurate price is to search our pricing and availability tool. This search generates live pricing for you.

    In general, prices are more expensive in the peak months of July and August, with June and September being cheaper, and May and October lower still. 

Extra Costs

Please be aware that there are a few extras that you are required to pay. On our availability and search page, the extras are listed on the booking summary page after you click on 'Book Yacht'. 

Compulsory extras generally include:

Fuel for the yacht
The yacht will have a full tank arrival and you fill it up at the end, so you only ever pay for what you use. It ranges from €40-€200pw depending on the size of your yacht. If you have air conditioning it will be at the higher end. Our luxury yachts will have fuel bills higher still. 

Final cleaning (base charge) 
End cleaning can sometimes be called a base charge or on rare occasion a 'transit log' (not be confused with the transit log in Turkey below). There is a wide range of costs for the base charge as it can cover many elements in addition to the actual cleaning of the yacht. For example, linen and towels, Wifi and sometimes insurance. This charge is on all our yacht charters, so please ensure you know what this cost is.

Your own food and drink
Self explanatory. Generally we recommend that you do a supermarket shop at the start of the holiday and then top up as you go along from markets, delis and bakeries. Often you'll eat out at night in local restaurants and tavernas. We can provide a provisioning service so the yacht is stocked when you get there. Ask us for the details on this.  

Food and drink for your skipper
If you are on a skippered yacht charter, you will need to provisiong for your skipper (and crew, if applicable).

Mooring fees
These fees are what you pay to moor your yacht overnight in a marina, on a town quay or on a mooring buoy. Mooring fees are widespread in Croatia, Italy and Spain. The cost of mooring fees do vary considerably, so please check with us about our estimate for the area. A rough guide in Croatia, for example, is approximately €400 per week.

Transit log (Turkey)
This is a separate charge in Turkey, and is approximately €95 - €120, depending on the size of your yacht. 

Linen (Italy & Spain)
In Italy and Spain there is typically a linen charge. This is because many of their clientele are local, and bring their own with them. 

There are usually some optional extras as well:

 An outboard engine - this is the small engine that goes on the back of your dinghy

 Towels - these are fast becoming an extra charge for all yachts. Generally €5 - €8pp for a set of at least two towels

Children's safety net - this is a safety net that goes around the yacht to prevent small children falling in

Gennaker - this is a large extra sail used for going fast! Usually it is not required. 

The best way to obtain an accurate price is to make an enquiry or get in touch on 020 8004 3003.