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A Complete Guide to Amazing Sailing Holidays in Greece

For a combined 25 years, the team at Seamaster have given thousands of guests the very best sailing experience in Greece  - whether it's discovering a different island everyday, swimming in hidden coves, exploring iconic villages, sampling delicious local cuisine in an authentic restaurant or relaxing in a quayside Greek taverna. We'll guide you to find your perfect Greek sailing holiday, where beautiful weather, warm turquoise waters and iconic island hopping experiences await! 


Greece is a wonderful place to charter, with tremendous variety across the sailing areas. Typically though, the weather is wonderful, the water is warm, you'll visit numerous islands with small traditional villages that are home to a Greek taverna or two! On your bespoke Greece yacht charter with us, you'll experience an ancient culture in an environment that is a little 'rough around the edges', but that's what we love about it.

  • Wonderful Greek Cuisine

    Dine at secret local restaurants, sampling wonderful Greek cuisine and enjoying the generous hospitality that Greece is renown for!

  • Iconic Greek Destinations

    Visit by yacht the iconic destinations that make Greece famous. Blue-domed churches, colourful villages, and golden sandy beaches await.

  • Discover the 'Secret' side of Greece

    Sailing in Greece allows you to visit otherwise inaccessible to the typical tourist. Discover a whole side of Greece that you never knew existed.

  • Sailing Conditions to Suit You!

    Tailor the sailing conditions to your bespoke preferences by working with Seamaster to select the best charter area at the best time of year for you.

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Where to Sail in Greece

The key to our guests' incredible Greek sailing holidays is working with Seamaster to ensure they sail the area that best suits their personal and unique preferences. The Greek islands offer very different experiences and vary in terms of wind and weather, which can even change depending on the time of year you travel. Understanding this and providing bespoke solutions and advice is why Seamaster guests return to us year after year. Don't leave it to chance, let Seamaster guide you to the perfect yacht charter experience. 

    Saronic Islands

    The most balanced sailing area in Greece, the Saronic Islands have a perfect mix of lovely sailing winds, quiet bays, lively villages, friendly tavernas and great value. The Saronic Islands, which includes the Argolic and Saronic Gulf, is an interesting, diverse and authentically Greek area for all sailors, including families, older and younger groups and couples. Athens is an interesting launch pad with a wide range of quality boats and catamarans.

    Ionian Islands

    The Ionian Sea hosts the most gentle sailing conditions and is probably the most popular Greek sailing area, particularly for British sailors who have made it their second home for years. Charter your sailing yacht from Corfu island in the north or Lefkas Island in the south; think short sailing legs between numerous idyllic bays, light winds, small villages & authentic local quayside taverna restaurants and bars.

    Cyclades Islands

    The home of the most iconic and insta-famous Greek islands basking in the Aegean Sea including Mykonos, Santorini and Ios. Discover and explore the blue domed roofs of Santorini Island, windmills of Mykonos & plenty of golden sandy beaches. Don't limit yourself though, get off the beaten track on a Seamaster charter and discover numerous 'secret' islands you've never heard of that offer an experience you'll remember for a lifetime.

    Dodecanese Islands

    This wonderfully 'off the beaten track' archipelago lays sprawled along the Turkey Coast in the eastern Aegean Sea. Charter from the island hubs of Kos & Rhodes into an 'authentic Greece' paradise, with more islands than you could visit in a month. Visit and experience a different island every day from the back of your own private yacht. 


    Sporades Islands

    An undiscovered charter paradise of marine reserves, uninhabited islands and Mamma Mia was filmed here! The last bastion of Greek adventure for many British sailors and it will not disappoint!  The Sporades Island chain offers a mix of fortified old towns, nature reserves, secluded beaches and lively sailing from Skiathos and Volos. Disembark your boat to explore pirate graves and quaint Greek villages along the way.

A Quick Guide to the Yacht Charter Areas

Sail the the Ionian seas from Corfu or Lefkas for gentle, picturesque sailing from taverna to taverna; sail the Saronics from our base at Athens for the best balance of lovely winds, sites, value, food and tradition; the Cyclades for the iconic Greek snapshots, golden beaches and the rich and famous, but with a bite to the winds that needs to be respected; sail the Dodecanese for it's ideal mix of 'touristy' locales and a 'get-away-from-it-all' island experience; and the Sporades from Kos and Rhodes, with its national parks, isolated anchorages, great breezes, crystal-clear water and 'Mamma Mia' backdrop.

Our Yachts and Catamarans

Seamaster has a wide range of yachts in Greece to suit any requirement and preference. We have monohull yachts from 30' up to 60' and catamarans from 38' up to 62'. The boats are offered as bareboats and also on skippered charters. Seamaster also has a range of luxury crewed boats that offer the finest  experiences possible, including high-end yachts, private chefs and water-toys.

Ionian Island Yachts:

Saronic Islands Yachts:

Cyclades Islands Yachts:
Dodecanese Islands Yachts:

Further Useful Information

  • Sailing Holidays with a Skipper

    Seamaster is an expert in skippered and crewed yacht charters in Greece. What makes us different is that we have our own Seamaster skippers that work for us, so we know them and most importantly they know the sailing holiday experience that our guests are looking for.

    You will experience the very best that Greece has to offer from the back of your own private yacht. Sail to and explore islands that are normally inaccessible to the typical tourist, swim in secret bays, and dine in authentic local restaurants.

  • Luxury Yacht Charter in Greece

    Enjoy a luxury sailing holiday, where we'll treat you to the pinnacle in comfort and  service on your very own private yacht. Sail the Greek islands in on one of our luxury yachts with crew, including the services of your own chef who will design and create your own bespoke menu. 

    Your itinerary is also tailored to your personal preferences, so you can sail as much or as little as you like between picturesque bays, lively harbours, iconic setting, world heritage sites, authentic fishing villages... the list goes on...

  • Wind and Weather in Greece 

    The weather in Greece is typically glorious. The sailing season extends from late April through to late October, with July and August being the peak summer months. Air and sea temperatures rise through the summer season, with the water being great for swimming June to October.

    The winds vary greatly depending on the area and the time of year. In general, the sailing winds in the Ionian Islands are very gentle throughout the year. The wind in the Saronic Islands are generally balanced. The Dodecanese Islands and in particular the Cyclades Islands can be very fierce from late June to mid-September, but outside this time the winds are generally lovely.

    Talk to Seamaster about your holiday to ensure you are going to the right place at the right time; getting this wrong can ruin your sailing holiday!

  • Suggested Sailing itineraries in Greece

    You can see numerous sailing itineraries for each of our Greek sailing holiday regions on their respective area pages. Here's a selection of our favourite charter itineraries, which details the islands, villages and bays you'll visit along the way.

    Ionian Islands one-week sailing itinerary

    Saronic Islands two-week sailing itinerary

    Dodecanese two-week sailing itinerary

    Sporades Islands one-week sailing itinerary

    Ionian Islands two week itinerary

    Saronic Islands one-week itinerary

    Cyclades Islands one-week itinerary

  • How to Get There

    The start of any holiday to Greece is a flight! Each of the sailing areas have their own designated airports, meaning that getting to your boat is a straightforward process, even if departing from a Greek island. 

    The hub for international flights from outside Europe is Athens International Airport. From Athens you can then connect throughout Greece relatively easily.

    See the underlying Greece region pages (above), which will each detail the best airports for you to use to reach your yacht in Greece. 

    Don't hesitate to ask Seamaster for advice on flights and airports in Greece, we've been doing this a long time and know the destination very well.

  • Family Sailing Holidays in Greece

    Greece is a wonderful destination for a family yacht charter, primarily because of the variety of experiences that you can enjoy. Sail from a mainland base to one of many Greek islands close by, relax on a beach in the morning, picnic on your boat for lunch and then moor in a traditional Greek fishing village for dinner. Wake up the next day, explore the village surrounds, buy fresh bread from a local bakery, fruit and a coffee before sailing to the next beach, island or bay!

    The wind and sailing conditions are perfect as well, particularly if you select the right Greek destination and base to charter from, which Seamaster will advise you closely on. Also, there is a wide selection of yacht and catamaran options, which means you can find the best boat for your personal preferences and requirements.

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