Greece Yacht Charters

Your Complete Guide to an Amazing Sailing Holiday to Greece

Greece is the most popular sailing destination in the world and justifiably so, with 6,000 islands, 13,000km of coastline, a lovely climate, ancient culture and an abundance of quayside tavernas. Throw in five diverse sailing areas that share warm clear waters, sandy beaches, plenty of friendly faces and you'll find Greece a truly great yacht charter destination.

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The key to a successful and most enjoyable sailing holiday in Greece is choosing the right destination. Greece sailing areas are extremely varied can change depending on the time of year. Typoically however, our two most popular Greek sailing areas are the Saronic Islands and Ionian Islands. Here's our take on them all.
There are Five Primary Sailing Areas in Greece:
  • Saronic Islands
    The most balanced sailing area in Greece, with a perfect mix of excellent wind conditions, quiet bays, lively islands, friendly tavernas and great value. It's a great area for all sailors, including families, older and younger groups and couples. 
  • Ionian Islands
    The most gentle and probably most popular area in Greece in terms of numbers of yachts. Sail from either Corfu in the north or Lefkas in the south; think short sailing legs between numerous islands, light winds, small villages & authentic local quayside tavernas.
  • Cyclades Islands
    The home of the most iconic Greece photos; blue domed roofs of Santorini, windmills of Mykonos & plenty of golden sandy beaches.


  • Dodecanese Islands
    These wonderfully & off the beaten track islands lay sprawled along the Turkish Coast in the eastern Aegean from Kos & Rhodes.
  • Sporades Islands
    The Sporades offers a mix of fortified old towns, nature reserves, beautiful secluded beaches and lively sailing from Skiathos.


Head to the Ionian Islands for gentle, picturesque sailing from taverna to taverna; the Saronic Islands for the best balance of sailing, sites, value, food and tradition; the Cyclades Islands for the iconic Greek snapshots, golden beaches and the rich and famous, but with a bite to the winds that needs to be respected; the Dodecanese Islands, with a great mix of 'touristy' locales and get-away-from-it-all islands; and the Sporades Islands, with its national parks, isolation, great sailing breezes and 'Mamma Mia' backdrop.