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  • Oceanis 48 - Disa
  • Oceanis 48 - Disa
Oceanis 48 'Disa'

Trogir, Yachtclub Seget (Marina Baotić), Trogir, Dalmatian Islands

  • Sailing yacht
  • 2016
  • 4 Cabins
  • 2 Toilets
  • 8 People (max)
  • 14.27 Metres (47 Feet)
Special Features:
  • featureAutopilot
  • featureA bowthruster helps close quarter manoeuvring
  • featureA teak finish provides a touch of luxury to this yacht

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The Oceanis 48 is a beautiful yacht, it’s exceptionally wide hulls means you benefit from both a large cockpit and generous proportions inside the yacht. Whilst only claiming a length of 48’ you’d easily think you’re on something in excess of 50’ when on board.

It’s hard to go past the almost full width folding swimming platform, which when this yacht was released, was one of the biggest on the market. It is an expansive yacht, with plenty of space to go with its stylish good looks. Another focal point for the 48 is the sweeping fixed arch just forward of the cockpit. Stylish and contemporary in appearance, the arch is also useful, providing a solid framework for a bimini to attach to and for the sailors – bringing the mainsheet back on the boom improving performance. The cockpit is wide, wider than you’ll likely expect and easily accommodates up to 10 people. 

Down below is light, bright and airy. The saloon has a linear kitchen running down one side and a large ‘U’ shaped settee around a large table with an additional bench. There is a top-loading fridge-freezer and a side-loading fridge, so you will never run out of cool beverages and can carry a lot of perishables for a longer charter. There are four cabins, laid out with two identical doubles forward and back each with their own ensuites.

All in all, the Oceanis 48 is a lovely yacht, designed and built for comfort and style. It’s well suited to families, groups or a skippered charter looking to treat themselves.
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Yacht Capacity

The maximum number of people permitted on this yacht is 8. Bear in mind that this may include space in the saloon (lounge) and in any crew cabins this boat may have. Therefore, it’s best to calculate the maximum capacity based on two people per double cabin. If on a skippered charter, you need to assign a cabin to the skipper.

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Yacht Availability
Yacht Extras
All yacht extras are ordered after the boat has been booked. We will assist with this process.
Navigare Carefree
€450 per booking Mandatory
Navigare Carefree surcharge for two/more weeks
€470 per 4 weeks and more Mandatory
One way fee
€550 one-way Optional
€500 one-way Optional
€1330 per week + food Optional
VIP Pack
€200 per booking Optional
€55 per week Optional
€1260 per week + food Optional
Where you will sail
Dalmatian Islands

The southerly Dalmatian Islands off a perfect cross-section of Croatia. Sailing from Split and Dubrovnik, they offer a more cosmopolitan experience, with larger islands supporting larger villages and towns. It's not all party time though, there are still many quiet bays, small villages and destinations 'off the beaten track'. Overall, expect a heady mix of excellent balanced sailing conditions, lively cosmopolitan islands, quiet bays and old-world fortress towns.

Read more about sailing holidays in the Dalmatian Islands
Frequently Asked Questions

If you are sailing yourself, Seamaster recommends that you have the International Certificate of Competence (ICC). You automatically qualify for this qualification if you have a RYA Day Skipper or higher qualification. In Italy, Turkey and Croatia you can charter with a RYA Day Skipper (practical) but this is not accepted in Greece or Spain, so you should have the ICC or at least a RYA Coastal Skipper certificate. In Croatia, you are required to have a Radio (Short Range VHF) Certificate.

The skipper’s role is primarily to sail the boat but they also route-plan, guide and advise on your holiday itinerary. They can recommend and book restaurants, take you to hidden locals-only’ destinations and generally provide you with an incredible sailing holiday experience. They can also provide some sailing tuition though this is not official instruction. Finally, the skipper is tasked with keeping the exterior of the boat clean and tidy.

A host’s responsibilities are to prepare breakfast and light lunch and generally host and care for the guests on board. They are also responsible for cleaning up after the meals and keeping the communal areas inside the boat clean and tidy. Finally, their responsibilities also extend to helping the skipper sail the boat.

The contracted time for a yacht charter is typically 17:00 on the first day (Saturday) to 09:00 on the following Saturday. You are required to be back in the home port the evening before you disembark, typically around 17:30. On Friday night you are officially ‘checked out’ and you may then leave anytime up until 09:00 the next morning. We recommend using Friday night to explore the area local to the marina.

In terms of inventory, each yacht has a minimum expected level of safety and navigation equipment on board. This includes life jackets, navigational charts, and pilot book. In addition to the basic inventory, individual yachts come with very different specifications and items on board, so it is vitally important that you view the specific inventory items listed above.

In addition to the cost of the boat (and crew if you have them) there is typically a base charge that is paid for the preparation of the boat on location. This is listed in the extras above. On a yacht charter you are responsible for whatever fuel you use, where you get a full tank at the start and return it with a full tank at the end. Sailing yachts don’t consume a lot of fuel so expect this to be €100 to €400pw depending on the size of the yacht. Another other cost you should look out for is mooring fees, which are basically overnight parking fees. These vary greatly from free (for anchoring) to several hundred euros (for locations such as Capri on the Amalfi Coast). Please read the FAQs on each destination page for further details on mooring fees. Also, if you are sailing with a skipper and crew, please note that you are responsible for their provisioning.

In the very rare case of there being a problem with your boat there is a robust response and assistance program in place. Firstly, you have the direct phone number of the base manager on location that you can call anytime. In the first instance, they will guide you over the phone to resolve any simple problems. Then there are service networks available across the mainland and islands of the Mediterranean that can be called on to come a intervene with any problems that need more attention. Finally, the charter company come out directly on a speedboat to fix an issue. Each and every client of Seamaster has the contact details of Seamaster in London as well and we are always ready and willing to help guide the process.

Our charter yachts have boat insurance including third party insurance; however, all yachts have a security deposit that represents the insurance excess that you are responsible for. For example, if there is a €3000 security deposit you must leave this at the base as a credit card pre-authorisation and if there is loss or damage to the boat the cost will come out of this deposit. Seamaster has a security deposit indemnity that protects you against losing your security deposit. If there is damage, you must pay for it and we will refund it to you, less a small excess.

Food and drink on board are approached one of two ways. If you do not have a host or cook on board, then this is a self-catered yacht charter. You are responsible for purchasing and preparing your own food. We will provide you with a provisioning service to purchase food before you arrive, or you can visit a local supermarket on arrival to do a ‘big’ shop. You then top up at local bakeries, delis, and markets as you go along on holiday. There is a kitchen (galley) on all our yachts that has cupboard space and usually two fridges.

If you have a host on board, they are responsible for purchasing your food and drink prior to the holiday and as you go along. We will provide you with a meal guide and a provisioning list and you can pick and choose from this and provide your own preferences.

This is a bespoke sailing holiday that is tailored to your personal preferences and requirements, which includes the itinerary. Seamaster provides you with suggested itineraries and a guide book for the sailing area that you are travelling. If you have a skipper on board, you’ll sit down with them on your first night to go over your itinerary based on your preferences and the wind and weather at the time.

Honestly, don’t over think it. You don’t need anything more than you would take on a standard villa holiday in the sun. We will guide you before you go and offer suggestions but there’s certainly nothing special required.

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