Not all holidays are created equal.Here’s why ours are so special.

What does a typical day on charter look like? Your day will start as you wake outside a small Mediterranean village, where you’ll enjoy a quick swim in the clear waters to freshen up. After breakfast on board, you stroll the village with a fresh coffee, visit the local bakery for fresh bread, and the local grocers for fresh fruit. Back to the boat you’ll gently sail for a couple of hours to a picturesque bay where you’ll lay the anchor and take in the sights. Here you will spend the next few hours relaxing, swimming, playing on the paddle board, exploring the beach, snorkelling amongst the fish, and eating a Mediterranean lunch of the fresh bread and supplies you bought that morning. When you’re ready, you’ll sail another hour or so to the next village, where you’ll moor up, go for a quick explore, savour a sunset cocktail, before getting ready to head out to a traditional restaurant for some of the finest local cuisine you can imagine. Back to the boat for a nightcap and chat, before retiring to bed where you’ll wake the next morning and enjoy it all over again.Read More

Why are our holidays so popular?

Our sailing holidays are bespoke
Our sailing holidays are bespoke

You are unique, and so your holiday should be. We curate the entire experience for you personally, including the destination, boat, crew and itinerary. This ensures the most incredible bespoke sailing holiday experience.

Exclusive Seamaster crew
Exclusive Seamaster crew

Seamaster skippers and hosts are the best in the business. Friendly and professional, our local crews love to show your around their country. Sailing from one gorgeous place to another, they’ll show you all the local secrets.

We’re here for you
We’re here for you

Our holidays are not like a car hire, where you book, then pick up a vehicle and that’s it. Oh no. We provide full service, from researching to booking, to planning and then enjoying our wonderful holidays, we’re with you every step of the way.

Fantastic quality boats
Fantastic quality boats

We have a wide selection of exclusive Seamaster boats, with a focus on quality and comfort. We are more than happy to advise you on what boat we think will suit you best, depending on your personal preferences, characteristics, and budget.

A typical Seamaster yacht charter
Skippered Yacht Charters that Guests Rave About


13 Sept 2022

An amazing seven days sailing around the Saronic Islands in Greece thanks to Seamasters and our amazing Skipper Romain. Right from the start, Jamie and his colleagues at Seamasters were incredibly helpful and patient as we selected the itinerary and boat - which was perfect in terms of size and spec etc. Our skipper Romain was absolutely amazing. 10/10 in every respect. He was incredibly knowledgeable and capable on board the boat. Polite, adaptable, courteous, and fun! Very patient and a great instructor (much appreciated). The itinerary we selected (7 days around the Saronic Islands) was perfectly suited to our holiday and we combined harbours, off shore moorings, and isolated spots through the week. The restaurant recommendations in the Seamasters brochure/guide book were all spot on. Our check in at the marina was very smooth and thanks to early check in we were able to leave by 3pm. The boat was perfect for our needs - in terms of size and spec. The cabins were clean and comfortable and galley well equipped. We are now inspired to do a sailing course and will definitely be booking again next year with our 2 adult children and would love a similar boat and definitely the same skipper!!!!!!


Paige-Lauren Minns

18 Jul 2022

Exceptional service from Seamaster. We booked our first yacht charter (skippered) to Greece through this company and cannot recommend Tim and the team enough. Our group was completely new to this type of trip and the team handled our many questions and planning with a lot of patience and fantastic attention to the details. We will absolutely be booking through Seamaster again for our next sailing holiday.


Janine Powell

26 Jul 2023

Tim and Will take the time to understand your needs and help organise the right boat, location and support with logistics. Using good quality local relationships to deliver the experience you want and expect. I use SeaMaster every year and recommend them to friends.


Gavin James

19 Jun 2023

Yanni’s our skipper was without doubt the most competent experienced skipper we loved his passion his knowledge of the area and his contacts made restaurant bookings for us and find unique locations . He is a absolute gun skipper and everywhere we went his fellow professional skippers held Yanni in awe . As a long time boaty the only thing I could teach him was “let’s swing on the pick “ a reference to free anchoring which I am sure he will use in future !

Contact a charter expert
Contact a
charter expert

Get in touch with a Seamaster expert, who will be happy to provide custom quotes and answer your questions.

How to create an awesome sailing holiday


Know yourself


Choose a destination


Choose a yacht


Lets arrange everything for you.

1. Know yourself
Know yourself
Know yourself
Know yourself
Know yourself
Start with you

The best sailing holidays are those that are built around your preferences, so always start by understanding yourself. What does this mean? It’s simple really; how many are you, when would you like to go, and what sort of experience are you after? Answer these and you’re already off to a great start.

Where to sail

Not all destinations are created equal, so it’s important to choose the right one. Again, start with you. Are you interested in family-friendly destinations? Maybe you’re party animals looking for great nightlife. Want to head off the beaten track? No problem. Know yourself and we’ll match the right destination to you.

What boat to sail?

There are simple steps to narrow the choice. Firstly, if you were booking a villa, how many rooms would you want? This is the minimum you should look for in a boat (though add one for a skipper). Also, choose the minimum number of bathrooms you’d prefer. Then it’s an equation of age, size and price where newer and bigger boats cost more.

When to sail

Our holidays prices differ week to week. If you’re undecided, pick an approximate date and go from there. Peak is the first three weeks of August. The week either side of these dates offer families better value in school holiday time. May and October are early and late season, while June, July and September are perfect months to sail.

2. Choose a destination

Search by Country or Region

Even within a country the sailing experience can differ greatly, so the goal should be to research and then target a specific region that fits your preferences. If you’re unsure on the specific region, search by holiday preference.

Search by Holiday Preference

Not sure where to sail? Then use our unique holiday preference search to follow our expert recommendations. Search family-friendly sailing holidays, off the beaten track, great nightlife and more, to compare across different destinations.

Ask a Seamaster Expert

You don’t need to do this alone. We love to curate skippered sailing holidays for our guests that ensure that you experience the best destination suited to your unique individual preferences. Get in touch for a bespoke quote!

3. Choose a yacht

Yacht Size

Firstly, book a boat with enough cabins to fit your group and the skipper, where the skipper has their own cabin. From there, increasing the length of a boat will give you more space and comfort, so generally the bigger the better!

Yacht Age

Generally, older yachts are cheaper than newer yachts due to cosmetic wear and tear, much like buying a car. Going slightly older could get more boat for your buck, but all things being equal, book the newest boat in your budget.

Catamaran vs. Yacht

Think of cats as villas and yachts as apartments. Cats offer significant space throughout with great indoor/outdoor flow. Sailing yachts cost less than cats and offer a purer ‘sailing as an experience’ holiday, especially with the sails up.

Yacht features

Boats come with differing features and specifications, which can make a huge difference. Use our search filters to focus on the features that are important to you. Our favourites are air-con, generator, teak cockpit, BBQ, and watermaker.

Yacht Price

Our yacht search system is uniquely designed to compare yachts and help you discover incredible deals on sailing holidays. Filter the results and view the corresponding boat prices in real time.

4. Before and after booking, we’re here for you
Enjoy our 360 degree service

We assist our guests from the first time they visit our website to the time they step back on home soil after an incredible holiday. From advising on the right holiday, to transfers, itineraries, restaurant recommendations, and provision of our incredible skippers and hosts. We do it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not at all. Our wonderful skippers will take care of the sailing for you. You can, however, choose to muck in as much or as little as you like by getting behind the wheel and giving it a go! Many guests enjoy getting involved and you are welcome to have a try. There may be occasions where the skipper will ask for help by throwing a rope ashore when you’re parking up for an evening or pressing a button to lower the anchor but it’s very straightforward to do and the sense of accomplishment is well worth it.

On most occasions your skipper will be a Seamaster skipper, chosen by us specifically for you. Please let us know if you have any specific requests but rest assured that we only employ the very best. On some occasions the skipper will be permanent crew on the boat you’ve booked.

Skippers sail the boat, obviously, but so much more. They are your guide for the week and will work with you to formulate a final itinerary based on your preferences and the wind conditions at the time. They can recommend restaurants, secret destinations, and even call ahead to make reservations for you. They will also keep the exterior of the boat clean and in ship shape order. Skipper’s do not prepare food or do any internal cleaning. This is the role of a host, who we do have available if you wish. Your skipper must have their own cabin, whether part of the main boat or a designated skipper’s cabin, which larger catamarans and some yachts have.

Ultimately, you have the final say on where you will sail in conjunction with input from Seamaster and your skipper. We provide you with suggested itineraries and we do recommend doing some research on the sailing area yourselves. We will post you a guidebook for every area that offers helpful information including restaurant recommendations.

Our skippered yacht charters are self-catered, however if you want catering, we do also offer skipper + host/cook (crewed) holidays as well. On board the boat there is a kitchen which has fridge, oven, hob, and cooking facilities perfect for preparing breakfasts, lunches and simply dinners. Typically, however, you will eat out at night, visiting one of the many wonderful traditional tavernas and restaurants that are nestled in villages and bays across the Mediterranean.

In addition to the cost of the boat and skipper, there are other costs you should consider. Firstly, you are responsible for feeding the skipper (and host if you have one). This is usually straightforward for breakfast and lunch as you typically eat on board, and they eat what you eat. For dinner, you typically provide the skipper with a stipend (€25) to eat out or they will buy something and give you the receipt. Other costs you should consider include the fuel for the boat, which can range between €100pw - €400pw depending on the size of the yacht, and mooring fees, which also range depending on the size of your yacht but also where you choose to stay overnight. Marinas cost more than anchoring, for example. Ask us for specific details.

Honestly, don’t over complicate it. There are two ways to think of a boat; one as a villa and the other as a car. As a villa because a yacht also has a number of bedrooms and bathrooms that are required to fit your friends and family. You can have a big villa or a small villa, and the price goes and down accordingly. Think of it like a car because the price of both a vehicle and yacht are both dependent on its size and age – new cars cost more and old cars cost less, as do yachts. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions as well, we are here to help!

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